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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

First brew of the El Salvador Majahual.

Not as flavorful as the Nicaraguan I previously roasted but not too bad at all.

VERY glad to see the end of the Folgers :yesnod:
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Mexican Chiapas that I roasted a few days ago.

Still amazed at this bean. Good stuff :001_smile

Made in the Bunn Commercial auto drip
Park cafe & coffee bar
OK, thanks. I googled it and found out it just opened a few weeks ago, so it wasn't there when I was living in Charm City.

But as soon as I saw that pic there was something about it that jumped out at me and said "Baltimore," although my first guess was The Daily Grind down on Thames Street.
Blended the Mexican and El Salvadorian. Once again the sum is greater than the two parts.

Very well rounded cup.
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