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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

Peets Reserve Kenya Kiburi, first time trying a peets coffee, roasted on 1/19 and I must say, still tasted very fresh. I used a Bunn to brew this time, had great bold flavor that I like, very rich and smooth. Will buy this again. $uploadfromtaptalk1424530416255.jpg


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Cappuccino made from Yirgacheffe beans. Nice pull with tiger stripes. Blind luck. I'm loving my new slightly used Ascaso dream up v 2.

Nothing a new seal and a little elbow grease couldn't fix, but if you're looking for an excuse to buy a new stainless Bialetti, you got my vote !!
I was looking at several stainless Bialetti Espresso Coffee Makers, but didn't find a design that suit me.
So I got a new classic, just a bigger size than the "disaster" one.

Seems like a good opportunity to post this:


My favorite comment regarding one of the coffees was "It tastes like unhappy children." We've known what baristas drink for a long time, but finally we also know what they eat.
Good read. Laughed after each sip of my Folgers (heavily sugared and milked)

Aromas: Wet dog, burning
Flavors: Fish oil, despair, "What death tastes like."

"Smelled like a sewer lit on fire"


I roasted yesterday but need to let the beans rest..... so another day of Folgers blended with 2 other grocery store coffees. It is drinkable but bitter (sugar fixes the bitter)
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