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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

I've switched over to a Hispanic Blend, "Cafe Caribe'. 10oz block is very reasonably priced. I make mine in a percolator, and my wife's in a Chemex. Nice coffee either way.
Still burning through the Mocha Java blend I made.

Starting to wish for something different already but it is still FINE tasting coffee :yesnod:
Fired up the Pasquini for 2 shots topped off by splitting another shot of this between them <yummmmm>

Hey... It's beer-thirty somewhere on the planet :yesnod:

Lavazza caffe espresso, Gaggia baby twin... It makes a nice shot and my thoughts were confirmed. My grind is either to fine or to coarse and my tamp is too light. I do have a new grinder on its way (Gaggia MDF) and will tamp harder to see if that makes it go slower. I will increase the dose a little if not. I figured a coffee made for espresso (even though it's pre ground) would let me see how everything is working and adjust my technique
Went to River Road Coffeehouse over my lunch break, had one line coffee's Columbia El Progresso from drip. Had the last of my Montána as drip this morning.
Into a fresh roast (yesterday fresh) of Sweet Maria's Guatemala Antigua Finca Retana (this is the last roast unless I can source this somewhere else). Mighty fine bean taken to city +

ground and brewed in the Commercial Bunn. I really LIKE my commercial Bunn. I can taste a difference between the Chemex and the Bunn but I can also taste a difference between the Chemex and ANY other brew method.

The Chemex rocks but the Bunn is just way too easy......
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