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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

GM all
El Salvador Santa Anna Reserva
Blessings to everyone and added prayers for everyone
Didn’t want to say anything but i lost my younger brother, about 4 wks ago,,
It has been devastating to me, but this thread has helped me keep moving, shaving and coffee, and these post
Thx in advance for support and prayers for my strength to move forward
In life, certainly we need support and encouragement,,
Blessings to all in these threads

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Tough days. Puts a lot of life in perspective. God be with you. I spent the last weekend with my sibs. Special times that won't last forever.
Sent my sister and hubby off the airport with a to-go pour over each from the small Kalita wave and then enjoyed a solo pull for my self in the quietness of a day-off morning.
Good morning gents- been up since 1am but i did go to sleep around 6:30 pm last night so i suppose I slept fairly well. This morning it’s some Quartet coffee beans i purchased from Trader Joe’s. Brewed em with the Moccamaster and drank black. Every day seems to have its fair share of ups and downs but some of my favorite moments are reflecting back on those times that were the most difficult, knowing i persevered and thinking to myself that maybe that’s the Creator’s plan after all. Peace fellers 🕊️


Woke up early this morning (definitelyt much earlier than I do most Sundays), so I shared a cezve of Turkish coffee with my brother. 15 grams of coffee, I think 10 would've sufficed. Used boiling water based on a video of Turkish coffee shop (half fill pot with freshly boiled (not boiling) water, add sugar and coffee, top up with more hot water and then put onto the stove), and it worked well and made it a much quicker process.
The reason I got up early was to catch up at a cafe with five old friends for the first time in a few years, one travelled from interstate. I had a perfectly cromulent long black and a croissant.


Not made for these times.
Good morning, coffee crew.

Eight O'Clock Original. French press. Black.

It's 73° in Music City right now with a high around 95° today. Scattered thunderstorms possible. Sleep didn't go well last night. I started coughing really bad again shortly after midnight and had to get up, take more cough syrup and walk around a bit. The lovely GF is still wheezing badly when she exhales. I pray to God that all of this illness will pass soon. A friend of mine that I work with at the studio is going to drop off some things at my door from Publix later. He lives about 5 minutes from me. I will watch mass online and rest all day.

Peace, my friends. 🙏
Zambia Anaerobic Americano pulled in the Flair Pro 2. A splash of cream was added. This is my favorite cup of this coffee so far. 10 s infusion pulled a little long at 2.6:1 at 6 bar really pulled out the fruity notes. The splash of cream almost seems decadent - a strong peaches and cream vibe.

@Eric_75 I’m sorry you guys are still struggling with the illness. I know from experience that summer bugs can be brutal. Get better soon!
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