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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

I finished off my bag of the Ethiopian blend I have been drinking for the last few days and opened a new coffee tonight! I'm trying hard to stick with one coffee at a time since I'm the only one who drinks it in my house and I don't drink that much. This has become a new "hobby" very quickly and I don't need it to get out of hand like shaving has.

So the new coffee was Illy medium roast. I bought this on the advice of my in laws who took a trip to Italy in August 2014. It's definitely not cheap but worth the cost. I ground ~15 grams in my Hario Skerton and brewed a half pot in my french press. It was a very smooth drinking cup of coffee and went great with the chocolate cheesecake we had for dessert. It definitely beats the K cup coffee I was drinking last week but takes a considerable amount of time/effort more than the Keurig.
Pumpkin spice from Starbucks so I don't know what method they used. If anyone knows let me know. Thanks

The line was also very long and crowded.

It was damn good though
Was gifted some Kenya Kiamariga.. expensive stuff that smells better than any bean I've had. Tastes great.

I need an AEROPRESS!
Enjoyed a cup of Illy medium in my aeropress this morning. Working towards the bottom of my first tin so I'll be getting a new coffee soon. Any suggestions of where to get something in the central Ohio area?
My new Bonavita BV1900LS arrived today (replacing a Keurig VUE). I was given a bag of Peet's Columbia so after a few cleaning runs I brewed my first carafe of coffee. Wow. Hot, strong, and no bitterness. I can't wait to try freshly ground Sumatra
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