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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

This morning was drip coffee due to convenience, but used a fine blend from my friends at David's Roasting, a small shop operation in San Diego, with fabulous beans.
I picked up a jar of instant coffee called Clover Valley at Dollar General last night. This is their house brand. I needed coffee for the morning and this place is a convenient stop on the way home. CV was the cheapest they had. $4.45 for an 8oz jar. At least its a real glass jar. Made in Mexico.

Its pretty bad. I've drank a lot of instant coffee in my life, but this stuff really takes the cake. I made a 16oz cup at home, and another 16oz to take to work with me. I put in my normal 2 Tbsp. of coffee, a dash of Turbinado sugar, poured the hot water in and stirred, topped it off with about 2 oz. of milk. The coffee was practically tasteless, but it got me through the day.

I'll try 3 Tbsp. of coffee tomorrow and see if that kicks it up a notch, but I'm not holding my breath. An 8oz. jar is normally enough to last me 2 weeks, but I doubt I'll go beyond Thursday before I replace it with my regular brand, 8oz. of Beumont instant that I get at Aldi for $2.99.
I'm back to drinking this bland stuff again. Its had about 6 weeks to age since I first tasted it and decided it was worthless, but it seems to have picked up a little more flavor this time around.

As soon as I had picked up a jar of my regular coffee about a month ago, this jar was still half-full. I took it into work and left it on the counter, where the unspoken rule among employees is that anything that's left out is free for the taking. NOBODY WANTED IT. After a month, when I needed coffee at home again, I took it home.

It still tastes awful, but its better than nothing. Gotta have my caffeine first thing in the morning.
Had some Larrys Beans Cowboy Blend. Very nice and smooth...but caffeinated like you wouldn't believe. Almost as jacked as Tradewinds Kenya AAA. WHEW!
Having a cup of Beaumont Instant Decaf right now.

I normally don't drink coffee this late at night, but its cold in the house and I needed something to warm up.
I had some home-roasted Guatemalan beans prepared in a French press.

I hadn't roasted in a while and accidentally let them get a little darker than I prefer for fresh-roasted but it was still quite tasty!
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