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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos


Felt like a change of pace, whipped out the french press I received for xmas. Was pretty good! Liked it more than the pour over I botched last week. Will revisit that some other day.
2 cortados for me today (first time making milk drinks)

Gaggia Classic Pro
Eureka Mignon Instantaneo grinder
Lavazza Super Crema
Logdriver espresso, details here:


Our favorite local grocery store, H-E-B, has a store brand coffee, Cafe Ole, and the whole bean French roast is superb. Drip a pot, and it tastes like the Rive Gauche.
I was worried about channelling/spray so I lifted the cup up a little with the lid of a kettle, just to be on the safe side:





But my fears were unfounded. Success. Top of the morning, friends.
I am using my "seasoning" roast (Brazilian 18 screen) in the X-5.

It is a few days post roast and did it come alive for me.

I'm thinking I Should do a small (1#) roast of some Indian robusta and blend them for a proper espresso. 20210416_150018-01.jpeg
More pulls of Brazilian.

Over tamped. Pull ran long (29 seconds) and over extracted. Happens to all of us. Apologized to the wife before she tasted it.

There's always tomorrow to look forward to..
Nossa familia teodoro and dragonlfy crema dolce and might have to go have another dragonlfy roaster :)
Mazzer grinder or comandante grinder and pulled out of my Cafelat robot

I used to own a Elektra A3 but wanted to get back to simple also why I am in this rabbit hole of DE shaving its a lot like my robot so so so enjoyable to do and makes the process so fun
Lavazza super crema whole beans ground coarse. Cold brewed overnight using immersion method. 3 ounce pour with 6 ounces of cold oat milk. Refreshing and invigorating.
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