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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

Today's coffee is 1.5 ounces of a 50/50 medium and dark roast blend of home roasted Timor, medium ground, with 1/4 ounce of ground roasted chichory root brewed with a 14 cups water in a Cuisinart drip machine.
8 ounces at room temperature with a couple tbls of cream.


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I had Folgers that I brewed in the Chemex.
At work the other day I had some instant Café Bustelo. A couple of those individual packets thrown in a cup and hot water poured over. Pretty darn good.
Last week made a Thermos bottle of v60 brew.

The current brew time was greater than 2:16, I forgot to start the timer at the beginning of the pour. I don't normally use the scale or camera, but always turn on the timer. :laugh:
Coffee from Rossmann, a German discount drugstore chain. The filters are from Lidl. I rather wish that one could cross the borders freely here in Europe again. They for instance have interesting coffee brands in Austria and France.
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Costco Organic Rainforest blend is my favorite and I love coffee. I used to Burr Grind, but I found my old kitchen aid blade grinder makes better tasting coffee. I also think the Bodum Pour over makes the best coffee hands down.
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Best coffee of our lives comes from our Breville espresso machine using Lavazza Super Crema beans. This morning was a cafe mocha with Ghirardelli chocolate syrup and my favorite, an americano. 32B7F9BD-7F0B-4E11-A556-9D48846C0A9D.jpeg
Messygoon - do you know you can detail-strip that machine down into 3,748 different parts?? Ask me how I know....
We have the same machine. I've replaced the steam gasket once; and blew the rest of the machine apart two days ago when the grinding mechanism went wonky. Pro-Tip: if you pull apart the grinding mechanism, you will find the weak point of the system is a loose, felt-washer. DO NOT - FOR ANY REASON - attempt to 'fix" the machine by hand-jamming that washer back in, reassembling, and turning the machine on. My machine sucked the washer into the sealed gearing mechanism preventing any further attempts at repair. I had to make an emergency dash to Bed, Bad, and Beyond to get another machine as a replacement before little-miss-wonderful got home and found out she can't have her cappachino's!!!
Local Roaster's espresso blend (Ol' Black Magic from Coffee Emporium in Cincinnati)
Eureka Mignon Instantaneo grinder
Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine


This was my first foray into light roasts.

Hario V60 01 Dripper on a Carter Everywhere Mug using Cafec Osmotic Flow Method
1Zpresso JX grinder set on setting on 32.
I went with 16 g of Lexington Coffee Roasters (Lexington, VA) - Costa Rica Naranjo Cattleya.
Set kettle temp to 93C (199F).
I wet the filter/warmed the V60 dripper.
Added the coffee, flattened the bed. Started timer.
Bloomed for 30 seconds with 40g of water.
I made 4 second pours directly into the center of the bed followed by waiting 4 seconds for the dripper to drain until I hit 80 g of water.
Started a continuous pour starting with a small circle and expanding to a large circle until I hit 240 g of water.
I swirled the brew in my mug before drinking.

It definitely had a tart strawberry taste.

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