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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

This will sound stupid.

Two Roosters light roast mixed with Dark Hollow Sumatran Mandheling Medium roast. The Two Roosters has an Oct 19 date but the Dark Hollow has a December roast date. I wasn't paying attention. So I mix the two, grind them and the taste is actually good. The Sumatra, although stale, adds some body to the light roast. Plus I can use up the Dark Hollow.
And drip
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Death Wish and Biohazard, two scoops each, Hario V60 plastic pour over. Second cup was Gevalia house blend and Black Rifle Coffee JB.

Melitta 6-cup glass coffee maker
Hario scale
Baratza Encore
Fino goose neck pour pot
Coffee: 21.5 grams Katz Jumping Mouse Blend, Encore #17
Started brewing with 203F water
45 second pre-infusion
Almost a continuous pour to 360 ml
Pulled the cone at 3:30 as the last drip was falling.

Very nice morning cup.
I have not used my Hario V60 02 glass in months. So, a long overdue test drive is in order.

Hario V60 glass
Hario brown 02 filter
22 grams of Katz Jumping Mouse blend ground with Baratza Encore set to #13.

I rinsed the filter twice.

started the brew with 204F water

Preheat with 60ml and dispose.

Pour 60ml quickly for preinfusion.

Pour 60ml relatively fast for turbidity.

Slow but almost continuous til 360 ml reached.

Brew completed a bit early at 2:30

Yield 316ml

Pleasant and sweet cup.
As of about ten years ago, I only drink Hawaiian coffee, usually Kona. Still looking for the best of the best, as not all Hawaiian coffee is created equal. Last one I got was not at all worth the price. I use a Greek/Turkish coffee pot (Cezve Ibrik) like these:


Here's a video showing the basics, though I have my own way:

I don't use the powdered Greek or Turkish coffee, but a coarse grind Hawaiian, and run it through a mug filter like this one:

The Bonavita sits idle most of the time. This is a good day to take it for a spin.

Bonavita 1901 glass
Community Coffee Signature Blend Dark roast - 33.3g ground with a Baratza Encore on setting 16
Water - 600g

I enabled the pre-infusion. Brewing took 4 minutes total.

Yield: 480g of smooth, enjoyable coffee.

I still prefer to do the pour over.
Basic method of coffee extraction....Have a great day all.
Basic but excellent.

Just made an aeropress. Stumbled across a new recipe yesterday, really good:

Using Quarter Horse Dark Horse espresso from Birmingham, England.
  • Fine grind (near-espresso), circa 20g
  • Pre-warm aeropress
  • 80degC water (having only a boiler at work I use a little cold water first to create a cool slurry, ensuring temp hits 80 once it's all in)
  • Steep 1min
  • Press 45s

Fruity with lots of body & sweetness. Perfect.

Yep, have a great day everyone.
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