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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos


1 tbsp Nescafe classico dark roast
2oz cold filtered water to 'bloom'
10oz boiling filtered water on top
Black, no cream/sugar

I've been enjoying this lately for home drinking. The Nescafe is surprisingly good for instant. I do have a cold brew press and pour over rig for when I feel fancy and want to buy good coffee but after finding the Nescafe instant I've not made 'real' coffee in a few months.
Guatemala Antigua from a local Italian market named Mazarro's prepared in a french press. I've just found out about the possible negatives of french press, but it's all I have at home currently.
On a motorcycle trip through parts of southeastern Canada (Toronto and Prince Edward's Island), I found Tim Hortons. So for the past three years or so, it's been Tim's in a percolator. Now, if I could just get those donuts...
Bluestone Coffee Company Sumatra Takengon. Freshly ground in a Baratza Virtuoso and brewed in a vintage Bodum Bistro 8 cup french press. 23g of coffee to 300g of water right off the boil, brewed for 4 minutes, scoop the floaters and foam off after 4 minutes and then let it rest for another 7 minutes. Served in a vintage Victor diner mug with heated and foamed skim milk using a Bellmain stainless manual milk frother. Cafe au lait.
Mayorga Cubano, ground in a Baratza Encore grinder. Amount of coffee, I don't know exactly, I count to 15 Mississippi and the amount is always about right. Water, I don't know the temp, when the kettle whistles it is hot enough. Pour grounds into a Bodum french press, pour in a bit of the water and stir with the grounds, add the rest of hte water and steep for 4 or so minutes. Pour through a sieve to remove excess grounds and into a thermal carafe and enjoy.

Later in the day, Mayorga or Illy coffee ground in a Gaggia grinder and brewed in an Illy Francis espresso maker.

I grew up in Brooklyn drinking espresso in local italian places before there was Starbucks, but I really got into coffee living in Miami. The Cubans may love their coffee even more than the Italians


I grew a tail.
Jorge Rojas, it is a local roast with the beans coming from a small farmer in Columbia. Ground to a medium coarse, cold brewed in a pitcher.

Ad Astra

The Instigator
New inexpensive espresso called La Cachita. Cuban coffee with a typical Caridad de Cobre on package.

It is a lighter brown roast, we like it. Break from Pilon/Bustelo.

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