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What's your Champagne Cocktail recipe/variations?


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Who drinks a champagne cocktail and how do YOU make it?

The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
A true "champagne cocktail"? Sure. Sugar, Angostura bitters, Champagne, brandy, and a maraschino cherry. I am probably not too tight about proportions. I would probably use simple syrup rather than sugar.

If you mean a cocktail made with champagne, I like a French 75. Champagne, gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, as I recall. How do I make it? Whatever the usual recipe is on the internet.


Fussy Evil Genius
On the subject of cocktails with champagne, one must mention the Kir Royale. Champagne and a bit of crème de cassis (I like just a very little). While something of an '80s/early '90s cliché, it's actually a very nice aperitif when not too heavy on the crème de cassis.
Sparkling wine and st.germain. Easy and delicious. Also consider sparkling wine and creme de violette.