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What's your casual scent?

I was looking for a casual scent, tested many, but ended up wearing one I already had, the trusty Davidoff Cool Water. An 80's classic, with a marine scent that I usually get compliments when I wear it. An easily recognisable scent for sure, it doesn't get unnoticed. A casual scent doesn't have to be expensive, I won't wear an AdP EdC as a casual scent, but others would disagree on that.

What's your choice?
I’m a huge Hugo Boss fan. I’ve been wearing Hugo “Man” off and on for about 20-ish years.

I switch it up with Hugo Sport occasionally, but I’m not overly thrilled by its scent profile.

I’ve recently become obsessed with Boss “Bottled”. Love it. Casual or dressier gatherings.

For more of those formal occasions I turn to Hugo “The Scent”.
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