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What's Your Brush Today?

The very first Shavemac Synthetic that hit the USA!!
I want to be really honest, I am a badger guy and use syns very very little.
This one was the sample sent to me by Bernd some years ago, before they started offering synthetics.
Its not bad, but it is not a badger...I just do not like the springiness of the fibers.

Owen Bawn

"Ask me about a fluffernutter"
Please, Owen tell me about this beautiful baby!
A nice, tight, manageable size knot in a comfortable handle. As with all Simpsons' synthetics, it feels a size smaller than its badger cousin with the same nomenclature. I personally prefer the Simpson Platinum fibre as found in my M7, Chubby 2, and Duke 3 synthetics, but each of those brushes cost considerably more than the Commodore. I know that you are quite fond of the Trafalgar series; perhaps one day you'll be tempted by the Chubby or the Duke. They really are outstanding synthetic brushes.
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