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What's Your Breakfast?

Egg in the eye. Pepperidge Farm 15 Grain bread with a hole cut in the middle. I fry the bread a little on each side and then place an egg in the hole and fry it on both sides using olive oil until the yoke is still runny. The bread is great for sopping up all that runny yoke. Washed down with some OJ and a couple mugs of Moka Pot Coffee. Used Bluestone Coffee Sumatra Takengon ground pretty fine. Made a delicious cafe au lait.
Scrambled eggs with sauteed asparagus tips, onion, mushrooms, sausage crumbles and shredded cheddar folded in, hash browns, orange juice and two cups of strong black coffee. First, we saute the vegetables till tender. Then we add eight whipped eggs with two tablespoons of sour cream added, half pound of cooked medium spiced pork sausage and about half cup of cheddar. Stir all together to blend, then cook until moisture is about gone from eggs. Top with some shredded cheddar. This dish is one of our favorites for a weekend breakfast. Has lots of flavor and is very satisfying. This makes four generous servings. Leftovers are good for a couple days.


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
I had scrambled eggs and bacon and threw on some Cholula.
My wife had no Cholula and she added 2 pieces of buttered toast.

I got up at 3:45 this morning to workout and then woke her up and she worked out while I cooked breakfast.

With this year’s rotation at work i chose to work at the same location as her. We got to carpool this morning. I really enjoy it.
Although technically at the same duty station our assignments are usually different. But it’s still great having the extra time together every day.

Even after 110 years together we still enjoy each other’s company.
Half cinnamon bun and black coffee. I’m not a 1/2 kind of guy when it comes to food I enjoy, I like full portions to be sure. However, there it was, the last of the treats we got from the local pasty shop. Down the hatch, delicious!
Half of an onion bagel with Olivio spread, a small glass of OJ and two mugs of cafe au lait made in a Bialetti Moka Pot using Bluestone Coffee Co. Sumatra Takengon ground fresh in a Baratza Virtuoso and manually frothed skim milk.
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