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What's Your Breakfast?

Kare Kare, 3 eggs over easy over a couple burger patties w/acv, pesto, homemade paleo worcestershire sauce. Black coffee. An example Kare Kare recipe. My wife does not use all of the listed ingredients. She usually uses ox tail, but had tri tops available. All good.
Forgot to mention that this is my refeed after a 39.5 hour fast.
This morning was a breakfast tortilla. I sauteed some finely diced mushrooms, peppers, and hard salami, poured in some eggs whisked with spices and plastered a tortilla on top.


Flipped it over, rolled it up, and breakfast was good to go with some diced avocado and black bean tortilla chips.


Egg fried in the microwave, on top of buttered toast and a slice of Canadian bacon. Less than five minutes we're eating. Orange juice and black coffee. Easy-peasy.


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
Whew! I’ve never been one to criticize others for their choice of foods because I have eaten some really strange meals but...
That was tough to wrap a lip around

so glad it wasn’t for human consumption