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What's Your Breakfast?

Today's breakfast was steel-cut rolled oats with raisins, pecans, dark brown sugar and a splash of milk. Paired this with a cup of Nespresso Vivalto Lungo coffee.




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Sausage and 3 scrambled eggs. I rotate the meat day to day - sausage, bacon or kippers. Always eggs scrambled with cheese though.


Grilled cheese sandwich with extra sharp cheddar. We got up early today (as a second shifter, 7 AM is early) due to getting a new roof. Finally made a sandwich around noon.


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Speaking of cheddar. . . Cheddar/mushroom/red and green pepper omelet. The larger half went to my wife as I added some maple baked beans to mine. (Bit of Melinda's Mango added)
Sunday Brunch-093340.jpg


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I think he lives outside. Occasionally his family slid him a package of things from the letter slot in his front door. Then again I've been wrong before.
Worcestershire sauce is good on eggs, too.
Oyster sauce is Chinese catsup. When I was dating my wife she made this for me. 17 years later and it’s still good. Traditional home cooking Chinese breakfast. Try it just don’t over cook the egg and don’t over do the sauce. Just a dab will do ya.
Kare Kare, 3 eggs over easy over a couple burger patties w/acv, pesto, homemade paleo worcestershire sauce. Black coffee. An example Kare Kare recipe. My wife does not use all of the listed ingredients. She usually uses ox tail, but had tri tops available. All good.