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What's Your Breakfast?

Like the dinner I posted about, for this morning's breakfast I was on a mission to use up leftover cheese sauce I had made for mac-n-cheese. Nothing special, just two pork sausage patties on a bed of toasted homemade bread. This was covered with sautéed mushrooms and three over-easy eggs and then drowned with cheese sauce sprinkled with chives.


It may look like a mess but it was not half bad. Not something I would suggest having on a regular basis as it is about three days' worth of calories in one meal!

Avocado, harissa, a squeeze of lemon, and Maldon salt on toasted whole wheat and molasses bread chock full of walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds while dreaming of eating an omelette everyday.
My standard fare for breakfast made just a little more special because I used fresh eggs from a friend's farm in Feurabush, NY.


Added some nice toasted black olive bread and a glass of OJ.

Tried a Gordon Ramsey recipe this morning with mixed results. I pan seared a mix of grated potato, onion and spices in an iron skillet. When it came time to flip the hash brown over it definitely did not come out as easily as it did for Gordon. Then again he used a stainless steel pan, maybe that made the difference.

Anyway, after browning both sides of the hash brown I sprinkled some skillet fried pork sausage over it and cracked three eggs on top.

Covered the eggs with some grated Asiago cheese and bread crumbs and stuck the skillet under a broiler until browned.


Here is a shot of the interior with the sausage -


And the eggs were done to perfection with the yolks still moist and runny -


Cooking up the normal Sunday breakfast of sage sausage gravy, fried biscuits, potatoes O'Brian with scrambled eggs and I score a double yoker, have seen one of these in a while...10-24.jpg
This morning was an omelet made with smoky Gouda, shallots, and fresh cayenne pepper from a friends garden. Topped the omelet with salsa, sour cream, and a few slices of avocado (that appear just about ready to expire, but still tasted OK).


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