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What's your best budget shave cream?

Duke Cannon shaving cream is the slickest cream I ever tried. Also Tabac cream works great for me, I had bought a bunch 2 years ago from a place clearing them out for $4 a piece. For absolute low budget, Godrej cannot be beat.
I just recently tried La Toja shave cream classic scent and I must say it was a very nice product. I am not particularly fussy about the scent, but it did produce a nice shave. Oddly enough I found the post shave lingering scent to be more pleasant than when I was shaving. Go figure...
Biotique Palmyra and Nivea Sensitive are both excellent creams. If you can find in a local store Wars Classic is also a great cream.
If I'm going to use a cheaper product, it has to be available locally, otherwise I'll buy "better" (or at least more expensive stuff usually) online. In my neck of the northern woods, Nivea can be had between 3.47$ (walmart) and 5.99$ (drugstore). Hard to beat and the best thing available around here for sure.
Proraso, any flavor.

The asterisked "cost-per-ahave" mentions of Castle Forbes in this thread have merit too.
Bond Speedmaster Aloe (Poland) is the best cheapie. 100 ml tube cost Eur 1.16.
Then goes Nivea Sensitive (Eur 2.40 for 100 ml).
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