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What's your all-time favorite soap?

Totally subjective, I know. What's your favorite soap, the best one you've ever used? And what is it you like? The scent? The lather? Something else?

I've only used Mitchell's Wool Fat, Williams, Proraso red twice, and Tabac once (the last two being brand new soaps). I loved MWF.
Tabac is my favorite. Lather, smell, and slickness combine to make one hell of a good shave soap. That being said I have almost 20 soaps in total and often use different ones based upon my feeling for the day.

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I've never had more than one soap and two creams at a time, but I understand preferring one or another based on feeling for the day. Ten years ago when I started wet shaving, I was on B & B to ask questions, and I saw Tabac was a favorite among many with everybody having their strong opinions on its scent. I waited 10 years to get it (because it took that long to use up my MWF & Williams pucks), and when I smelled it, I was wondering what all the fuss was about. I think it's fairly mild...reminds me of hotel soap. From what I gather, I will have Tabac for 10 years. :) I've only used it once so far, and it wasn't very slick. I'll have to learn how to build a better lather with it.
Shulton Old Spice is the best soap I have tried and I love everything about it. The best currently available soap I have tried is Tabac, superb performance, very inexpensive even in the glass jar, it lasts for ever, and the smell is divine - it reminds me of my Mother and I find it very comforting. I will never be without Tabac soap as well as the other Tabac products, excluding the EDT which I do not care for.

What's not to like about it which is better in another soap!

In the same breath I also use Williams and Mitchell's wolf Fat with the same reasons.

Great lather, very slick, great residual slickness and good skin care. I don't care so much for a soap to have some Uber exotic scent.

Perfect triad of soaps anytime anywhere !
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Sam, have you ever tried Vitos? A great alternative to P.160.
Not yet, Marco, but I am aware of them and the Extra Super Red is on my hit list. I do have about 700g of P.160 Tipo Duro stashed in my basement and looking forward to when I get to cut off a slab for use.


B&B's Man in Italy
Not yet, Marco, but I am aware of them and the Extra Super Red is on my hit list. I do have about 700g of P.160 Tipo Duro stashed in my basement and looking forward to when I get to cut off a slab for use.
Bravo my friend, bravo. :thumbsup:
For me, i love everything about Tabac. I have stacks of many other Artisan soaps that are excellent soaps, but there is always something about them that i have an issue with. Tabac is the one and only that checks off every box, for me- and it helps that if you like the scent it's nearly impossible to get sick of it. I can shave with it every day and enjoy every single shave.
Saponificio Varesino
(Manna di Sicilia ,
Cosmo and Desert Vetiver ) .

High quality ingredients ,masculine
italian scents ,top performers and
second to none post-shave care.

Nothing more to ask from a shaving soap.
As I stated on a different thread, I have some high quality croaps just collecting dust since my Desert Vetiver arrived. With every other new soap I've purchased, boredom sets in usually within a week and I end up reaching for something different for variety. I've had the SV for a month and used it exclusively with no desire to stray.
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