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What's you favorite gun belt?

I have been wearing a spec-ops 1.5 bdu belt for about 8 years, thinking of getting another belt and just wanted to see what others use.


Thebeltman.net if you want leather. I’ve been wearing the same belt for 12yrs. I have 2 in reserve for when I finally wear this one out.
Nylon- Mastermind Tactics or the Wilderness.

Leather-Any number of belt makers to long as it is two ply, purpose designed. I would prefer 1.5 inch in the body tapering to 1.25 inches up front but could live all 1.25 for suit pants /slacks and all 1.5 inch for jeans, cords and khakis etc.
My edc belt for the past 3ish years is a Blue Alpha Gear belt with the cobra buckle. It’s done me well.


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Thebeltman.net if you want leather. I’ve been wearing the same belt for 12yrs. I have 2 in reserve for when I finally wear this one out.

^^^What he said. Although there are many good leather workers out there.

I have two Beltman ones. A 1.25 for slacks and things from the original company.


And a 1.5 basket weave one for jeans and such from the guy who bought the company. He even called me at home to make sure the order I submitted was right before he made it.


My favorite is a 1.5 one a friend of mine at the P.D. made me over 20 years ago. I had to take the end keeper loop thing off as it interfered with the position of my 1911 mag pouch and I can't find it now. It's in the closet with the box of holsters...somewhere. The belt loop on jeans holds the end of the belt in very well though.

I will be a wet blanket. I am glad the Kore belt works for you though.

Kore says they manufacture in "Asia" without specifying the country in order to pass the savings on to the customer.

Approximately question 50 of approximately 55 on their FAQS section:

FAQ - https://www.koreessentials.com/pages/faqs

"All of our products are designed, proto-typed and tested at our offices in San Diego, California, USA - and manufactured in Asia. As a matter of fact, 95% of all apparel sold in the USA is manufactured in Asia. Doing so enables us to save a substantial amount of money that we pass on to customers. As Americans, we would prefer to make our belts in the USA, but unfortunately it would cost an estimated 2-3 times as much and we couldn't locate a facility that was willing to do it. We understand there are those who would pay more if it were 'Made in the USA' - but most of our clients appreciate the lower prices and savings."

At 60ish for a nylon belt with a "potmetalesque" buckle, I would respectfully assert better belts that can take a heavier load are readily available at a substantial savings -Made in the USA. Mastermind and the Wilderness are two brands that come screaming to mind.

At 60ish for a "Top Grain" leather belt which is glued over a piece of polymer to support the weight of a gun/mags etc, I would also respectfully assert that there are likely dozens of Made in the USA belt makers who are making "Full Grain" belts for 10-20 more that are can take a heavier load as well with a much longer guarantee.

If cost is driving the train but I needed a gunblet that looked a bit dressy, this biothane belt sold by Bladetech @ 39.99 would my move. YMMV.



621BE3E0-F8A9-4438-9BCB-CA72675C0648.jpeg 1E1D106F-8768-4C7F-8BC2-C9F143602EFA.jpeg Andrews Custom Leather holsters shown with a couple belts by Zach’s Gunbelts.
Many miles of wear. No inserts; none needed. Also, Sam Andrews makes a gunbelt as good, perhaps better than Zach. Just do not have a picture of mine to post. I’m wearing it🤣 621BE3E0-F8A9-4438-9BCB-CA72675C0648.jpeg 1E1D106F-8768-4C7F-8BC2-C9F143602EFA.jpeg
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