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What's Wrong with TOBS Soap?

I'm curious to know why TOBS Soap isn't ranked high around here. I've had great shaves with it (Lavender) and find it to be high quality.

I've only used two brands of soap in my life, so maybe I'm missing out on better products, but I'm getting consistently great lather when I use it alone (I don't count superlather). Tabac and MWF is on order and maybe I'll see...
Nothing wrong I guess...but I'm too new to these DE things.
I'm also curious about what other people have to say..even though I think it is a very well appreciated soap.
I know for a fact that in some of GeoFatboy's videos he mentions TOBS Sandalwood shaving CREAM as one of his favorites...now about the soaps I don't know but I guess the quality id the same.
very fluffy lather imho... i prefer creamier lathers with more moisturization built in (shea, aloe, lanolin, ...). to me tobs seems a bit artificial and overt scent which usually irritates my skin and provide poor glide and post shave feel.
I'm finishing up a tub of TOBS Sandalwood now. It's a fine product. If you put it on your mental "want" list and keep an eye out for it you can often find TOBS products on sale. I got mine, along with a tub of Jermyn Street, for about half of retail price from either overstock.com or I think it was Sierra Trading Post.


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There is nothing wrong with TOBS soaps. When your Tabac and MWF arrive you will probably find out why more people discuss other products rather than Taylor's.
just enjoyed a shave with TOBS grapefruit a few minutes ago. made so much lather, it seemed a shame that there weren't more faces to shave with it. there was enough left for three more passes.
Thanks to all for the input. As always, YMMV and I certainly keep an open mind as I've long used soap and boar brushes.

My water is on the soft side and I haven't travelled with any soaps so have no other references in that arena. I get slick, 'yoghourty' consistency with the TOBS, but it sounds like I may be pleasantly surprised by the Tabac and MWF.

BTW, I was unaware that TOBS manufacture so many of their cream lines in the form of soap.
Some time ago, probably about three years ago now, I ordered a puck of TOBS sandalwood soap. This was after trying and enjoying several of the TOBS creams. I used it for a little while and was thoroughly disappointed. It's not that it was an awful soap, it just didn't stand up to other soaps that I already had. I ended up using it in the shower as body soap because I just didn't enjoy shaving with it.
I actually like the scent of TOBS Sandalwood, however I hate the lather is produces. I have been completely unable to whip it into anything decent with a boar brush. It turns out almost ok with my Badger, but takes work and a lot of product compared to other soaps I have used. If anything I mix it with other soaps. Lately I've been adding a bit when I whip up some of my homemade soap just for the scent.
I have the sandalwood soap/stick. I just rub it onto my stubble. Using any of my brushes I get a great lather.

i am surprised at how much it whips up into a lather.