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What’s with Creed Aventus?

As one experienced fragrance reviewer said: "This is a high-quality fragrance... good stuff, totally undeserving of it's hype."

It is really nice, but realistically way too expensive for what it is. If you want to try something that smells like "Aventus Sport," is a crowd pleaser, high-quality designer fragrance that's much cheaper - buy Montblanc Explorer.
It was launched a relatively short time ago (10 years) as opposed to some of Creed’s other fragrances, so it’s still relatively popular. Despite being a fairly strong scent, it was marketed toward a younger and more general base, which gave it more traction. As with all of their fragrances, it’s made with high-quality ingredients. It’s also outrageously expensive for what it is which has generated hype and demand. Lastly, it’s unique and it smells good. That being said, I agree with the implication that it’s a bit overhyped. There are several other unique, luxury fragrances out there that smell great and are outrageously priced at HALF the price of what Aventus sells for.
Royal Cornish Lavender was commissioned by King Arthur and created by Merlin whilst working part time for Creed of Camelot...
Creed may very well have embellished on their history as well as some of their other release dates in order to help sell their brand. I’m not really sure because I’m not an expert on the company and I don’t care much since I’m not a huge fan. However, it seems reasonable to assume, that their older scents (despite their actual release dates or the origins of their formulas) are less likely to gain sudden popularity over a new one launched only 10 years ago. This could, in part, explain its success.
I'm of the Floris and Penhaligons style. Maybe the odd dash of Guerlain now and then.

I like Aventus but I'm not well heeled enough to be able to justify the purchase just yet.

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man is apparently a good clone. My new girlfriend loves it.

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I love it, it smells amazing and a lot of people feel the same way. It's that simple.

Almost everytime I wear it, I get complimented or I'm asked what I'm wearing.
Almost everytime I wear it, I get complimented or I'm asked what I'm wearing.
Interesting - it takes all sorts I suppose but that alone would be enough for me to decide never to wear it no matter how much I liked it personally. I remember when a lot of people liked Drakkar Noir, Kouros, Polo, and Brut, all of which I still like and wear a lot. Fashions come and go and I suspect Aventus is no different, a big marketing success though for sure👍
Decanted samples are you friend. My wife hated this one me. I went with Millesime Imperiale for our wedding. Now, when I want to induce ‘date night’, I just put on MI 😊


I had a decant. I liked it and it definitely garnered compliments. I bought CDNIM long ago as well. It is very close and also is complimented similarly. It’s a great alternative to the legendary original if one is looking to be budget conscious.

I just get bored with it very quickly so don’t wear it terribly often. I rarely wear scents to impress others, but if I was interested in compliments, or single, I’d get a nice bottle of Creed. I like it a little better than the CDNIM but really doubt anyone could really tell the difference on me after the opening dries down. It is definitely a real crowd pleaser.
It became a standard because people like it, plus, it is backed up by a hefty price tag.

It had set the pace for an amazing amounts of me-toos.
I have tried it several times and it just does not work on me. It is probably my body chemistry. But even on other people, I find it to be overused these days. Interestingly, TdH similarly doesn't work on me...there is a sharp note in the drydown of both that appears on my skin. Awful. I think Royal Mayfair is a much better Creed scent on me.

But ultimately, the cost of these is borderline absurd. I prefer Floris, Penhaligon's and Dyptique which are also relatively pricey but much less so than Creed.
It may not be your skin...some tfh colognes out of the bottle smell like toilet spray... i have no idea if that changes once put onto skin but it made me not want to buy any other than sandalwood
If you like the Aventus fruity opening, but do not like the smoky drydown....I like Ethos Grooming Essentials "Succes" which they call a "pineapple noir". I have both the aftershave and EDP and love them both. I also like Aventus and several of the many high quality clones. Fragrances are subjective and personal...that is why there is something out there for everyone, at all price points.
I really enjoy it. It's fresh, doesn't smell overly synthetic, and my wife enjoys it, too. I will say that after a few years of using quite a few different clones / homages, I don't love it quite as much as I once did (unlike GIT dupes, which I still love). It's one of about 5 scent profiles that I will always have in soap, aftershave, balm, and beard oil in the den.
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