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What's up with this Pre de Provence No.63 shave cream that I bought?

I was reluctant to say anything was better to say the regular PDP but you know what both are great but no 63 is better.

It might not be my best but in my top 3 or 5.
Have now had a chance to try out the PdeP soaps I got from my trip to the USA... excellent.

Got both the 63 and the Bergamot & Thyme - as far as scent goes they are both very nice indeed, and a good contrast between the two.
Shave was great - easy to load & lather and I reckon i'll be keeping them as regulars as a stick mixed with Stirling Sheep (or MWF). Good value too (only a shame they don't supply as refill only without the aluminium tin).

Also tried the Osma shave soap... and this is the first shave soap i've had that is a definite fail and dispose in the bin - it did in fact lather fine apparently at first, but would quickly dissipate on the face... very odd, never had a shave soap do that but it wouldn't even last one pass before thinning away... even after a 2nd pass try with extra soap rubbed straight onto the face to give it a final chance.
PdP 63 was my first shave soap. Still have it and trying to finish it off. I'm in my mid 30s and don't find it an "old man" scent. It's the best part about the soap imo. As for performance, I find it (maybe) slightly above average. I prefer the slickness and face feel of other soaps.
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