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What's up with Swedish Snus?


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I used to be able to get it online cheap, now I can get the General brand cheaper at 7-11 than I can online. I'm looking for a good low and no nicotine snuss, I know they're out there, but I can't find them for a good price. Other than searching B&Ms, anyone have any information?
Besides the price of snus online going up, shipping is killer now as well due to the PACT Act. UPS is the only option, and it's not cheap. The only way to make it worthwhile is to watch for sales and buy enough to qualify for free shipping.

The best I can think of for low nicotine snus are the General Mini Portions. For nicotine free snus, Mr. Snuff carries Zeroberg: https://mrsnuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=3267
Oh, also, depending on what state you live in Lil' Brown Smoke Shack might be an option as well. They don't ship to every state, but if you can get it delivered, their prices are pretty good and they carry a few different brands of snus, listed in the Moist Snuff section.
Jacobsson makes pretty good nicotine free snus if that is what you like. Kick Up Strong is also good energy snus with almost real snus-like taste. I don't care about nicotine free snus 'cause either the pouch material is really coarse and destroys my gums or it's just too dry and awful tasting. There are also more brands but haven't tried others but those what i mentioned.

And there's also nicotine free lös from XQS what i've heard to be pretty awful stuff.
I remember when I first dabbled in snus c.2010 it was a reasonably cheap experiment. Not so much anymore, and half the places don't care to ship to Wisconsin. Supposedly have one place in town that sells General I'm gonna scope out tomorrow, if that doesn't work I may have to find a middle man for the lil' brown smoke shack.
Good luck on your search! Snus is God's mercyfull gift to us Scandinavians for enduring the freezing winter (that and the blond girls ). I couldn’t live up here without my Skruf stark white portion and my evening danish pipe