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What's the worst soap/cream you own? And why?

Monsavon. I keep it because I bought it in Paris. Not a great reason, but it's a reason. One day, it will shrivel into a tiny puck, and I will use it as a bath soap. And then the world will talk about 10-year 'artisan-cured' bath soaps being the best.
I currently have:
Stirling (various scents)

And my worst performing is a soap made by a small town soap maker (you may have seen my thread in this folder) It will make a fine pre-shave/facial soap.

Why keep a low performing soap in the routine when there are so many great soaps out there?


I'll be interested to hear how you feel Williams works as a shampoo. I worry that it might be a bit too cleansing, but I've never actually tried it as a shampoo.

This is turning into a bit of a ramble, but I can also tell you that my youngest son had really bad eczema on his hands, and when I replaced the liquid pump hand soap in his bathroom with a puck of Williams, it got a lot better within about two weeks. So maybe there is hope for Williams as a shampoo.

Tried it today. If you like the scent and your hair is greasy, should be nice. It applies easy and lathers up just like most shampoos. I hadn't washed my hair in 4-5 days and I have moderately greasy hair. It definitely stripped all the grease out of it fast. Left it looking and feeling really nice. Can't comment yet on if it cures dandruff as claimed.

Interestingly, it lathers up EXACTLY THE SAME on my head with my fingers as it did whipping it like hell with a nice badger brush. Seems modern williams cares about one thing and one thing only, using a ton of soap. It makes ok (not great) lather instantly under almost any circumstances... as long as theres a loony-toons quantity of soap involved.


Might end up being overly cleansing for my purposes. Thanks for taking one for the team.
I may give it a go one of these days. Couldn't hurt to try it once or twice.
On its' own, Arko lathers up just fine, but the intense urinal cake scent is offputting. I grated some Williams & Arko to combineas 2 parts Williams to 1 part Arko, then grated some charcoal handsoap. I pressed some into a stick tube, & the rest into a little covered bowl. Both the stick for face lathering & the bowl lathers great, and the stink is greatly diminished. It looks like granite with the black flecks in it.
TOBS Sandalwood. Perhaps if I cared for the scent I would take the time to figure out how get it to lather well. As it is, the big scoop I loaded into a sample bowl has dried into a hard soap due to my lack of interest.
This day and age we are blessed with so many great shaving soaps and creams. Even the bad ones usually work fairly decent (better than bar soap / on par with canned shave cream).

I started out with a puck of Van Der Hagen Deluxe which is probably the worst shave soap I've used. Of the soaps I that I keep in my rotation, the two I force myself to use on occasion are Col. Conk and RazoRock. They are not awful but they don't offer the same kind of performance as the other soaps I use.

I've come to the conclusion that it is well worth getting better performing soaps and creams even if they do cost more. The expense of the top shelf stuff is still just pennies a shave.
Murdock Regent Traditional Shaving Soap. It won't lather and is completely void of any slickness. It isn't even any good as a shower soap. Sold by Nordstrom. Made in England. Beautiful wooden bowl and reasonable sandlewood and citrus scent but very faint. Poor soap performance would be an understatement.
Sorry I posted this on the wrong thread, this is one of my best soaps even though they are out of business.

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I was about to post that Reef Point soaps were awesome before I saw your retraction. Scared me for a second or two there.....
I was about to post that Reef Point soaps were awesome before I saw your retraction. Scared me for a second or two there.....
Tried to delete the post but it kept coming back.
Reef point soaps are awesome, I've have 2 soaps that are almost gone, to bad Reef Point Soaps closed their doors.

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1. Van der Haagen: beautiful looking lather with NO protection. Tons of weepers after using it. Completely useless to me
2. Arko: smells like the gas station bathrooms in my country. Brought back memories and almost made me puke.
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