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What's the most masculine smelling cologne or after-shave balm?

I don't like sweet, floral, musky type after-shave.

Is there anything that smells particularly masculine? Like leather, cedar wood, or something like that?

Or do I just have to wear lots of leather and smoke lots of cigars? ;)

Most masculine? That's a pretty tall order. There are a lot of contenders. How much or how little do you want to spend?

For an inexpensive cologne that fits your brief description, I'd say Pinaud Special Reserve or maybe English Leather. Old Spice is kind of sweet, but a bottle of vintage Old Spice Leather would fit the bill too, as would OS Burley. A little more expensive? You can get Aramis at most department stores. Caron Yatagan is another good one.
Safari is a little bit more subdued but it probably in the same ballpark.

If money is no object, pick up some Creed Vintage Tabarome.
Alt Innsbruck. Straight up tobacco scent and is mentholated so it goes on with a cooling feeling. The scent does not change or evolve into anything else. Can be worn as an AS or cologne. You can buy it with an atomizer or take the atomizer off and just splash it on.

All good suggestions. I say start cheap and work your way up....if you like Clubman Special Reserve you've got a great masculine scent for very little dough. If you think it blows, you're not out much, or could find another member here to buy it or swap with.

I'd also check out some of the bay rums available. Many here rave about Captain's choice. I've not sampled it yet, but I like both the Pinaud and Bigelow versions.
Clubman Special Reserve
Clubman Bay Rum
Avon Black Suede balm
vintage Avon Wild County Splash in one of the old-school decanters
Alt Innsbruck has a distinct tobacco, minty type scent as it's been mentioned but it's been one of the few scents my wife calls "old man."
OKay, this made me laugh out loud because I read the title and was going to pop in and suggest something honestly floral, such as rose water, or a lavender scent. Then all I could think of was: "engine oil and saddle soap". HA. I think that Pinaud Clibman Special Reserve would likely fill the bill for what you are probably after. You might also try the C.O. Bigelow stuff at Bed Bath and Body or whatever. I don't own any of those, but I recall liking at least 2 of them that were crisp, and more spicy than sweet. Let us know what you wind up deciding!


My Elbows Leak
Eau de Quinine and Lilac Vegetal pictured in John Waynes shaving kit.

It don't get much manlier than John Wayne my friend.

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