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What's the longest you've used one razor?

I'm aware that some of you guys are RAD immune, the rest of us are infected to varying degrees... My question is the title of the thread.

Once I started getting more razors, I have not even been able to use the same one for a whole week. Before that it was about 3 weeks with my first razor.
What about you?
I've got a bunch of them and like to use them all so at most 1 gets used 3 times before another takes its spot.
About 5 years with one and only one razor when I first started wet shaving. Then discovered how great this vintage thing is, thanks to you guys. 5 years with only one razor Heck, I've picked up 5 in the last 2 weeks. Now I get about 3 shaves per razor at a time.
It's B&B's fault. Really, I love it and wish I had of started buying more razors years ago.
Two shaves with my first. Merkur long handled forgot the type.
Nice but new. 3 part CC. Too new, and not nearly enough parts.

Couple of weeks with my second. Feather TTO but new also and very mild.

A few with the third. SS Flare tip, a great razor but a bit mild.

A few with my fourth, Fat Thingy. Very nice but also scary.

A few with no. #5, a Slim...Perfect.
Too much variety, I don't think I've ever gone a week. Plus my routine changes all the time. My weekday and weekend routines are different (I shave in different bathrooms) and sometimes I shave a the gym. I keep different razors in those places, so I'm constantly changing.
I tend to default to one of two razors:

British #66 - used, nearly exclusively for the better part of a year.

The 1946/47 Aristocrat - used most often for the past three years.

I do like to mix it up and will use: Old Type Gillettes, Schick injectors, Gem/Kampfe/Star, and a variety of other Gillettes (from the Knack to the Richwood).

I have, though, always used a razor for a full week (since that's how long my blades last, usually). Just don't care to switch things up in the middle of a week.
The one I use the most is my Merkur #42C "1904" style with safety bar. I rarely touch my other razors.
A few months, then I swtich them up.
Except my straight. I only have one that's shave ready right now.
(i'll be fixing that soon enough :wink2:)
Going on seven months with my Slim.
Before that, five months with an EJ 86,
one month with an HD.

I just like everything about my Slim.
I used my first DE and brush for about 7 years. I never once even thought about replacing them...then suddenly all that went out the window. Now I try to rotate every week, but I was using my slim for a good 6 months straight...so that would be the 2nd longest stretch of not switching it up.
Recently, I think two weeks with a Schick type O injector, but three days to a week is more typical. When I was rediscovering single blade safety razors a couple of years ago, maybe three months with a Merkur 23C.

I used a Gillette Atra fairly consistently from 1985 to early 2009 (okay, I had a spare handle). Experimented with electrics three or four times during that period, but always gave up on them after a couple of months. Before that I'd used a Trac II and some sort of DE for about 5-6 years each.
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