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What's the holy grail of synthetic brushes?

A Muhle Silvertip Fiber is the best of the best and I've tried Badger, Boar, and a lot of synthetics. I have a Rudy Vey with a 25mm Muhle STF knot that can't be beat. I'm talking to him about another one, just because. Love that brush.
I received my first Rudy Vey in the mail yesterday. It is a AS3M in Bog Oak, Muehle STF 25 mm knot, set at 55 mm loft. First shave today was fabulous!
I've had a minor splurge on a few different new synths, including a Simpson T3, a Boti N3C, a Cashmere and a SynBad.

There are differences between the knots. The Boti has a huge amount of backbone whilst the Cashmere is a soft floppy mop.

I think we're in a golden era for synthetic brushes, I think there is something for everyone. There's never a better time to try a synth for those who haven't done so already.
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