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What's the draw for Artist Club type razors?


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:lol: Well, being specific kept this to a short 2 pages for me to come to a conclusion! Not 38 pages of bullshtein with some on-point information thrown in every 12th post! :D

All kidding aside, though, I appreciate the concise responses to my question. It was as I suspected, but I was willing to be persuaded.
As mentioned the AC 50mm razor blades have a few more available types & can be used in different razor systems from safety razors to folding types. I have a folding razor that holds the 50 mm blade and a safety razor that holds the 50mm. Is it better than the other Schick or Gem SE blades No IMO, but the 50 mm guarded blades for the folding razors are exceptional IMO for this Greenhorn trying to shave with a folding razor and they can be used in 50mm safety razors also. The guarded blades kind of prevents the blade from digging into the skin and you can receive a close shave with Kai Protouch or Feather Proguard also, they cut down on weepers and nicks.
Kai clone AC type folding Shavette......................................................Yaqi Excalibur V2 50mm AC safety razor
Kai Luffy style folding shavette- Mfg- 2017--.jpg
Yaqi Excaliper V2 Mfg 2021.jpg

Have some great shaves!
I've had a couple of different AC-type shavettes (a folding Feather RC and the CJB non-folding) as well as the v1 and v2 RazoRock Hawk. While I think the shavettes are excellent, that type of shaving is just not for me. I loved the Hawks loaded with Feather Pro blades, very easy to use and they delivered great shaves. In fact, I probably came the closest I ever have to a one-pass BBS shave using the Hawk. I wound up PIFing the Hawks because I wanted to downsize my collection and focus on DEs.
In my experience, the differences between an Injector and the Colonial General (or any AC razor for that matter) are more than just subtle; for me, they’re night and day.

Artist Club razors yield a completely different (and closer, at least at this point) shave for me. Although, I am still trying to hone my technique with the Injectors, so that could of course change.

The Colonial General is an outstanding razor for me.
Sounds like the OP has decided to stick with the injector. It's a great choice--but as an injector user, I'll throw out my opinion. I have 3 Schicks (E, I, and M) and they give a great shave that I can't complain about. I also have 3 AC style (Razorock Hawk v1, Above the Tie SE1 in aluminum, and the Feather AC folding).

You said no interest in AC folding--so I'll keep my opinion to myself. The Hawk v1 had a short production life because (my understanding) is they were forced to discontinue it due to a threat of a lawsuit from the makers of the Mongoose razor. I knew when I bought the Hawk v1 that I was buying a clone of the Alumigoose, but was OK with it because the Alumigoose was a mythical razor that was never in stock and they didn't seem interested in or able to increase production. As for the shave, it's fine but I don't love it. It pretty much collects dust and, given a choice, I would pick up the Schick over the Hawk.

The ATT SE1 is a much different story. Where the Hawk feels harsh and unforgiving at times, the ATT is smooth and efficient. Every time I use it, I'm amazed at how great it feels and the results. The Hawk is inexpensive aluminum and weighs almost nothing. The ATT is aircraft grade aluminum and has good weight to it (not heavy like the stainless). But as others have said, the choice of blades is what keeps me coming back--Feather makes five different blades in the format (guard, pro, super, light, and guard light), and Kai also makes blades that fit. ATT no longer makes the aluminum version, so to go that route your only option is the $185 steel version.

Anyway, comparing a $25 razor to $100 razor isn't really a fair comparison--the ATT is a great option if you can find one at a price you're willing to pay. I'd guess the Vector is also a pleasure to use, but it's even more expensive at $200. Given the choice, I'll pick up the ATT over the Schick's, but the Schick's are still a great option that I whole-heartedly endorse for anyone intrigued by them.
I've got 3 AC razors:

1. Feather AC SS Japanese style (aka non-folding)
2. RR Hawk v.3-SB
3. Blackland Vector with both SB and OC plates

I bought the AC SS, as I was curious about straights. I managed to get to a level where I can obtain the BBS, but I found the razor "laborious" and unforgiving (especially when loaded with the Pro Super blade). Bottom-line: I never use it.

The Hawk is your #1 choice for a great, no-nonsense, reasonably priced first SE razor. If you happen like it, you can explore further. Some people like it so much, they stop right there (not an unreasonable decision at all). That said, Hawk is mild, so mild you can't cut yourself even if you try. This comes at a price of being what some would say inefficient, as you have to maintain the specific angle to make up for a very narrow useful angle of attack. In other words, if you like the Feather AS-D2 in DEs, this is her "soulmate" in SE world. IDK about OC and A plate, but the SB was just too mild for me. Bottom-line: I never use it.

The Vector is THE SE razor to get if you're serious about AC-type SE razors. Period. End of story. Full stop. There is nothing quite like, with its pin-screw going through the base plate. The level of nimbleness and agility is unrivaled. I know there are some great SE razors out there like Colonial and ATT, but nothing comes close to Vector. NOTHING.

So there ya have it.

P.s.: Me, I take my Vector for the spin every now and then, but have returned to DE as my primary choice of safety razor.
Great comments and input for this newbie. Can you elaborate, why do you prefer the DE. Also, for compare and contrast, what would you suggest for DE to compare with a Hawk (Vectors are out of stock) that is same "weight class"? Any other safety AC razors out there?


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While we wait for the return of and answer from @DaveHStone , I remember reading he likes the smooth, efficient, and effortless shave with a scalloped cap, scalloped safety bar Timeless 0.68. The ability to get near a Vector-class shave without having to keep his mind in the game appeared to be the draw.
I have 1 AC type razor, the alu Black Hawk v2. I also have 3 Schick injector razors, type E, I and J. Next to 3 DE razors (RR Sloc, Gillette Tech en R89).

The biggest advantage of the AC type razor, is the choice in blades. Kai mild, Feather Pro en Schick type P all work well for me in this razor. For my injectors, I have tried the Personna, but didn't like it. Only the Schick B types (and vintage ones) work well.... very well! Biggest difference between these two types of razors, are the width of the razor. 38 versus 50mm does make quite a substantial difference. My preference lies with the injectors (and DE razors), but I still like to use my Hawk as well every now and then!
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