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What's the difference between Wet Shaving and Method Shaving?

Minor league question, but I was under the impression they were the same. I watched the videos by mantic on youtube, and I know that's method shaving. What is the difference? Thanks.
There are specific "Method Shaving" practices and products. Mantic has a few videos JUST about Method Shaving, but otherwise, the bulk of his vids are about wet shaving. Method uses very specific products (a soap-like block, specific cream, etc.) whereas wet shaving is just the practice of using some type of lubricant to keep moisture on your face as you use some kind of non-electric blade to remove stubble.
Wet shaving is about using a brush and soap or cream + a DE or straight razor. Like 'in the old days', really.

Method Shaving OTOH, I believe, is a specific method of prep and shave, using specific products such as a 'the soap cube', 'activator', etc.
MS was developed by Charles Roberts from Enchante in Austin Texas.

American members: please correct me if I'm wrong.
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