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What's the consistency of Razorock Shave Gel?

Can anyone share a little about the consistency of this stuff? Is it like an oil or a thick goop? Just wondering if it can transfer easily to a travel squeeze bottle.

Its thick like, well, ketchup. You can easily transfer it, but it already comes in a nice size squeeze bottle.
Great ingredients, nice and slick. Its doesn't feel oily. It doesn't lather
I like using it as a pre-shave, I get the best shaves using it.
Great for winter as it really does moisturise well.
rinses off so you don't feel any greasiness.
Yeah, or maybe creamy Italian salad dressing. It's my preshave too - first RR product I ever bought, when I started wet shaving but hadn't gone DE yet. Almost every day I get tempted to try shaving with it alone instead of gel + soap, but I never have.
Slick goop, non oily, rinses easily, used it this am since I was late for work. Got a great shave and my skin felt soft and smooth. You should get some.
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