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What's the best 1k ceramic stone


What would be the best 1k or close ceramic stone to set a bevel. I currently have the king 1k/6k combo stone. The 6k works well but the 1k doesn't work too well. Can't really get a razor to even shave off of it. And after about 15-20 min on the stone it needs to be relapped. I think the problem is it gets unlevel too quick to get a bevel set right. I know there are good 1k stones that are not ceramic. I am just wanting specifically a ceramic stone.
I love my Chosera, which I believe is now called Naniwa Professional. I've been using it for a few years and it shows very little wear and cuts relatively quick. It also doesn't leave deep stria if finished with a light touch and sets up for the Naniwa Super Stone 5000 grit well.
Dont get too tied up on high end bevel setters. Most 1k ceramics will do fine, it’s your finishing stones you want highend. The King stones is good enough as bevel setter. I cant see the stone surface changing that dramatically to set a bevel. You are doing something wrong. You also cant move up in progression until the bevel is set. Picture will help if you can post some. How much pressure are you using, do you tape the spine, do you soak the stone long enough, are you sure the stone is dead flat after lapping and do you have the spine and edge flat on the stone at all times.

Is the razor carbon or stainless?
FWIW my king 1k/6k combo is a bevel setting champ what @ajduplessis said you're doing something wrong watch some bevel setting vids and soak that stone for at least 15 min or set the bevel at your sink with a small steady drip going to the hone it works.... when I do get another bevel setter it'll be the green brick
I have a king 1k, naniwa traditional(soaker) and a 1k chosera. the chosera is my favorite and seems foolproof, relatively speaking. but they are a lot more money. an awful lot of razors have been honed successfully on a king 1k.
It's a known fact that the King 1k stones go out of flat in a hearbeat and if you have to do a major bevel reset then you are in for a serious challenge. For a seasoned vet, that challenge is less of an issue that it for someone new.

The bevel is the edge. A good tool for handling that work is indispensible. I'll be the first one to say get the King if it's all you can afford but I'll also be the first one to say there are much better options.

I seriously encourage getting 'caught up' in bevel setting and the tools for the work. Making an investment here is most prudent. The Chosera/Pro 1k was my go-to for a long while, some said it was too expensive, not worth it, and that all I needed was the Norton 4k, King 1k, etc... I laughed; the C1k was worth it's weight in gold to me. I have the Shapton Pro 1.5k in that spot now, it too has become my best friend. The softer less consitent stones like the King and some others can be usable but my bevels were always improved when handled on the harder/better/more consisitent and higher quality stones. Naniwa has a 1k called the 'Traditional', I hate the feedback but it's a better stone, overall, than the King 1k or any option from Norton.


The king 1k/6k is not a ceramic stone and yes the 1k gets wonky fast. I do also agree for someone who is good at honing they can use the king. The 6k side of the stone works quiet well. It does polish the edge off the 1k pretty quickly and doesn't wear very fast. I have this 1k ceramic stone coming. It's my bday gift from father. Is this one decent for a starting 1k stone..


I have this naniwa coming for a 3k stone. I know naniwa makes good stones. Anything I should know about this stone.

Naniwa S2-430 3000
Naniwa 3000 Grit Super Stone | Knifemerchant.com

Right now I'm going to use my king 6k or just make the jump from the 3k to either the Norton m5 12k or the final set I'm going to post. I'm looking at a cheap 6k ceramic and later get a better 6k. This is the 6k I am wanting to get. Any thoughts on this stone.

Japanese Whetstone Fine Finish Grind stone #6000 KING S-3 Sharpening sharpener | eBay

Then I have the Shapton m5 12k. But I'm also going to get this slate set and see if I get good results from it. It has an 8-10k a 12-15k and 15k+. I'm sure the grit rating are just the sellers estimate. But he has sold a lot of them. What are your thoughts on these.

That's a Shapton stone, it will be good. I still use my King 6k, mostly for knives as I got an Arashiyama semi-synthetic for razors. The King works fine, stays flat a long time, and leaves a nice polish.

I no longer use my King lower grit stones, too much work for too little reward. Might re-visit them someday now that my honing skills have improved a lot.


I'm going to use the king 6k side of the combo stone until I get a 6k ceramic stone. Then I'm going to give the combo stone to my best friend. I gave him everything he needed to start wet shaving and he likes the straight more than the Gillette tech. He can't afford stones right now so I'm going to give him the king combo 1k/6k and loan him the jnat I am not selling. That way he can at least do basic touch up. I'd say he will prob just use the 6k and jnat. The straight he has has a good bevel on it so unless he messed that up he won't need to reset the bevel. But I'm thinking since he has been shaving with just the one straight for about 6months now it probably needs the 6k before the jnat.