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What's the actual weight of common Injector models?

The internet is awash with data for DE razors - length, weight, handle diameter etc. But I have found almost zero data for Injectors. Can we put this right? There are plenty of you guys with collections of Injectors, so can you give us some simple data like length and weight of the different models?

I have a PAL Injectomatic and it's 102mm long and 25g.
Now you’ve started it. I have five injectors that I use. Their dimensions are a follows (note the length may be fractionally off as I eye-balled it a bit.)
E2 32g. 13.3cm.
G4. 31g. 9.2cm.
I1. 27g. 9.9cm.
PAA L clone. 28g. 12.5cm.
N1 33g. 12cm.
O clone. 42g. 13.3cm
Very useful! I read somewhere that the PAL Injectomatic was heavier than the later Schicks but it's clearly not true.
What are you truly asking? Are you asking specifically for weight or how the weight would affect performance? From the first experience I got using my type I hydro-magic, the razor was pretty light. The razor isn't as top-heavy as a normal DE, and for me, that is pretty good actually. The weight of the razor is pretty balanced to a bit top heavy but you would not even notice it. I noticed the weight on my old Parker 99r and the Weishi clones sold at modern stores. The length of handle obviously affects a razor if its weight is more directed towards the head. Once again, my experience with my 99r led me to have to be careful with the angle when doing XTG and ATG passes when shaving with that razor, something I could never quite master, hence my switch to Injectors.

You have to find the combination of head weight and handle length that complements YOU. The injector I have currently is like a shaving dream for me as its light on its head weight and is short, thus leading to easy control. Ask around and see which combos suit you the best.
What are you truly asking?

I'm asking for the actual dimensions and weight of injector razors, as accurate as possible e.g. digital kitchen or postal scales. Balance is another issue, and that's where dimensions like overall length come in. I want to establish some baselines. My findings so far are that Schicks weigh around 25-30g and handle lengths vary. I'm finding the weight too light for me - I like something at least 60g and up to 100g. For that reason I'm more interested in GEM razors. Also you can fit new handles to most of them with a bit of DIY. I don't think injectors are for me.
Personally, I think the lightness of the injector is one of its attributes. It makes, to me, for a very agile razor and comfortable shave.
Personally, I think the lightness of the injector is one of its attributes. It makes, to me, for a very agile razor and comfortable shave.

I used to feel that way about my Gillette Tech, but then I got into heavier razors and very little pressure. It's a bit of an either-or choice. Modern carts are all pretty light, so it's the way it's going for most people.
Measured what I have

Type L1 - W 29g L 12.2cm
Type M (adjustable) - W 32g L 12.1cm
Type O (not a clone) - W 40g L 13.3cm
Pal Injectomatic - W 24g L 10.1cm
The Supply V2 - W 109g L 11.3cm

All have blades in them, so you can knock off a gram or two.
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