What's so bad about Wilkinson Sword shaving soap?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Chango, Feb 26, 2018.

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    There are other reviews out there, most of them bad. But I finally got around to trying this soap. Despite the bad press, I say, "not too shabby." An inexpensive soap comparable to Arko and Proraso in my opinion.

    COST: $4.65 USD shipped from Birmingham, England. That's about $1.06/oz



    INGREDIENTS: Not too crazy about the ingredients. Warning to those who shy away from sulfates and parabens. Although the ingredient list is not unlike other mass-produced soaps like Arko and Proraso.


    SCENT: Hmmm. It's kinda soapy, but mostly a cologne-like scent. I smell grapefruit in there (?) At least some kind of citrus. It's strong. I'd say a 9/10 in strength. The wife likes it. My 9 yr old son really likes it. But then again, he likes the smell of AXE body spray too. Personally, I don't mind the scent. I generally shy away from cologne scents but this is not too bad. Like I said, it's a little bit soapy smelling too.

    SHAVE: The set up. Simpson Special in Best Badger, Fatboy on 3 with brand new Astra SP blade.


    LATHER: Not as easy to lather as Arko/Proraso. I had to add water a couple times to get it to my liking and I needed a bit of paintburshing to build it up. But the lather is good. Decent density, good cushion, and good slickness. It peaks nicely in the hands. It's not awesome but it's enough to get the job done well.


    No irritation for me. And I have pretty sensitive skin. I didn't experience the drying effect like I read about although it's hard to tell because it's been rainy here for a while and the are is humid.

    Overall, this is a decent shaving soap for the price. It isn't my favorite soap in the world. In fact I may end up PIFing this thing. I just really wanted to try it. And I hope this short review can help someone decide whether to pick up a tub.
  2. Ones water makes a difference. Soft water and a fair soap can work. A really good soap can be challenging if the water is very hard. My experience, at least.
  3. My general experience with this exact same soap is the same as yours. Not an awesome performer, but certainly not bad for the money. Now, having said this I think a soap in the same price range, like Arko, is head and shoulders above Wilkinson, but I would not toss the latter.

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    After reading poor/ordinary reviews on the WS tub, I wouldn't bother trying it. This soap stick, on the other hand, is excellent.

  5. Great point!

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  6. Next time we have an Amazon order I going to get a few sticks and some more blades.
  7. I wound up with a puck and I like it !
  8. I have a tob myself and I found it a descent soap, not the best in the world but it get the job done nicely. It’s in my shaving rotation even that I don’t used it often, but a class it in the good cheap soap for the $$.
  9. +1. The stick is also a good performer for me!
  10. I'm 2/3rds of a way through my first bowl and I've figured out how to squeeze a good lather out of it. I found it a little lacking in slickness, but I solved that by super lathering it with Man Cave Shave Gel. Awesome lather, lots of residual slickness, and the scents pair well together.
  11. Bought it while in France awhile back. For me...one of the few soap tubs I’ve ever throw out. Totally lacking in cushioning, protective, slickness and post shave. Of the tubs available at supermarkets, etc. there.... Monsavon Bol A Raser Shaving Soap was much better...and cheaper..Couldn’t find the stick in France or Germany....at least where I was looking...
  12. I have to admit, I have left some scathing reviews of this soap. After reading this thread, I tried it again. This time I treated it like Williams. Loaded the bejeesus out of it, then darn near drowned it. I was rewarded with a bowl full of yogurt like lather that provided a nice shave this morning. While I won't put it in my rotation, I will use it again.
  13. Did a bowl lather on it the other night just to test it, I found it ok but wasn't loading soaps as heavily as I do now. With a puck lather first it actually seems to be a decent lather so I'll try it out again soon. Only issue is that I think it's on the drying side.
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    My findings as well , the stick and cream are much better than the bowl...I also find the Wilkinson Sword blades from Brazil are smoother than the current German blades or Indian blades.
  15. The Indian blades are actually Gillette blades and they don't agree with my face at all. I like the German blades but haven't found the Brazilian blades. I've heard the Brazilian come in a blue package and the German in yellow packaging but the ones I normally get are blue and say made in Germany.
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    Lâmina Barbear Inox Wilkinson - 60 Peças - reidacutelaria
  17. When I am evaluating a shaving soap, the factors I consider in order of importance are: irritation/reaction/sensitivity, slickness, cushion/protection, scent, and finally cost effectiveness.

    I would shun the Wilkinson Sword shaving soap based on the list of ingredients. There are too many detergents, foaming agents, preservatives,and synthetic fragrances, etc. They can cause allergic reactions and skin sensitivities. Seek out shaving products that have more friendly ingredients.

    If you want to put low cost as the primary factor, some bath soaps can provide a reasonable shave at low cost. I have gotten decent shaves using Irish Spring Men's Signature soap, for example. It is a tallow based soap with great slickness, great scent, and decent cushion. It has a reasonable listing of ingredients.
  18. My experience is with the blue bowl tub (which I do like the appearance of).
    I keep flip-flopping about whether or not I like the scent. At least it's not as bad as Arko.
    As far as its performance goes, I recently discovered that I get far better results by face-lathering than with bowl-lathering.
    I might try stickifying it next.

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