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    just finished this one a Salamander 111 that was in my box, here is the before and after shots...


    1_InPixio.jpg 3_InPixio.jpg

    After Restore

    20190810_184543.jpg 20190810_184543.jpg 20190810_184610.jpg 20190810_184718.jpg 20190810_184751.jpg 20190810_184806.jpg
  2. Yup it will have many coats scuffed between each with 0000 steelwool then sanded with 2k at the end and polished with white rouge (only cause it's what I have atm) @3k rpm still far from done but figured I'd show progress..
    Also I have to avoid the superglue flu (allergic reaction to cyanoacrylate) I developed it a few years ago during my knife-making it's flu like symptoms after having utilized super glue or CA. Yes I did use a well-ventilated area!
  3. The next resto is this Torrey I have no idea what model she is but she came to me in pretty good shape! Well that's what my eyes say! What say you all? IMG_20190810_192832.jpg IMG_20190810_192837.jpg IMG_20190810_192842.jpg IMG_20190810_192918.jpg IMG_20190810_192903.jpg IMG_20190810_192931.jpg I think a careful unpinning/re pinning and cleaning along with buffing like the Noleka I am currently working is all she needs besides re honing! No custom scales as planned the celluloid is looking to be in good shape but I won't know until I get them off. The wedge looks chipped so there's that she may get some non ferrous jewlry there.. Oh if anyone can tell me the model please feel free!
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    these are just about ready to glue and fit to the dubl duck wonderedge as the inlays are just sitting on top

  5. Beautiful scales Sir!!!!
    I finally finished the Noleka and gave her a test run! She shaves beautifully! My first resto of an old razor is complete! IMG_20190811_155348.jpg
    And I can honestly say the next set of custom scales will be more user friendly the"banana" shape looks cool but it's a PITA to strop with....
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    Now that looks fantastic a beautiful restore, now looking at it finished was it worth it I bet you say yes. It's going to be nice seeing you post more restores as you go along, and if you get stuck please ask questions we dont bite.
    More than happy to guide you along this new journey with the little I have learned so far....
  7. Thank you for the kind words! I do quite enjoy the restoration process the end results are as I envisioned! So I call a win on the Noleka!
    I've already started on the Torrey, the scales had a hairline crack near the Tang pin so they gave up the ghost during unpinning! oh well that's ok I've already cut the blank out and it's under vacuum at the moment soaking up stabilizer... The tang has some ugly surface oxidation and there was one fairly deep pit on the hollow of the blade I've worked it out for the most part. The new scales will be what I believe is either Wenge or African Black wood. I can't remember which it is. I do remember the cautionary word the gentleman gave me when he sent it to me! DON'T GET ANY SPLINTERS THEY WILL GO SEPTIC! also stabilize it it, is safer to work! Funny thing is it smells burned as though it's charred but it's not.... anyhow got to get back after the rust demon... I will update on the blade etc etc as I progress.
  8. Old W. Greaves & Sons I bought back in January and am just getting to rescaling. Original scales were horribly warped and wouldn't straighten. Cracks along the length and at both pins.

    Initial cleanup of the blade.
    And my first attempt at shaping scales. Based on a template from the original scales.
    The blanks I bought didn't have the right curve and were way too thick. I did a rough reshape with a Dremel and sanding drum, then thinned then down with low grit sandpaper and a lapping tile. Beveled the edges with a file.

    I think they are about "there". Some final sanding/smoothing, drilling, pinning, and honing and I may find myself with a useable razor.

    Suggestions and comments welcome...
  9. Loving that blade! The white of those scales will look great on it! What are you gonna use for pins brass or NS? I say NS with SS washers bullseye style! Also I don't know if it was your intention but your scales look a little wider then the original ones? Maybe slim the waist down just a little! I think it will accentuate the blade much better and that's my .02 cents! She's looking great man keep us posted!
  10. New shoes on the Shumate Barber Deluxe. Very nice US made razor

  11. That's classy! Great job!
  12. Thanks. I'm a sucker for flashy/colorful scales, but this time I went with something a bit more subdued. It still catches the light and the pearl swirls pop so a good compromise.
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    You could use the old scales as a template, put it on top and draw around it along with marking the pin holes.
    But it is going to look good when its done.....

    That has turned out fantastic :clap::clap::clap::clap:
  14. Damn!! Scales got some weirdness from the stabilizer....use them or pitch them???? I do also have Jade g10??? 15660567490671249616926422624703.jpg 15660567814521760835481375904227.jpg 15660568472525502197745414248845.jpg
  15. Finally pinned and just needs honing good bad indifferent here she is my Torrey resto is done. The scales look aged but it's purely by accidental. IMG_20190817_210822.jpg IMG_20190817_210750__01.jpg IMG_20190817_210910.jpg IMG_20190817_211000.jpg IMG_20190817_210920__01.jpg
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    Now those scales suit that Torrey, they give it the age look that Torrey's need....:001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1::001_tt1:
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    I must admit over this last week I have been restoring a brass shaving brush this is how it came to me

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    Now after a good polish and a new 2 band knot pre bloom

    20190817_173249.jpg 20190817_173306.jpg

    This is how it ends up

    20190817_175044.jpg 20190817_175055.jpg 20190817_175028.jpg
  18. The brush looks fantastic!! I've found that I have become more and more partial to my boar brushes even though I have one synth, and 4 badgers! Great work on the re-knot and polish!! Gonna have to get a couple more sacrificial Omegas!! Glad you think the Torrey came out good the scales did seem to do her some justice.
  19. So after several evenings sanding and fitting and sanding and fitting and ... Here's where I ended up.
    IMG_20190821_192307-01.jpeg IMG_20190821_192250-01.jpeg
    Not totally satisfied with the shape of the scales, but the balance when open is great. To the stones this weekend and then I may really have something useable.

    Thanks to all for the suggestions and encouragement.
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    Alan that looks fantastic.... Nice to see another Sheffield back into action....

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