What's on your work bench right now?

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    This razor arrived at dinner time today J.R Torrey 210, USA 5/8th

    20190622_144621.jpg 20190622_144642.jpg
    Now it goes on the workbench to be stripped down a bloody good cleaning, scales sanded and polish and blade done at the same time sanded. Then I might give it a mirror shine and put it like it was when new, or I could leave it as is and call it a beat up razor....

    Just kidding as if I would
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    A quick update here is the blade up to now do I leave it at this stage or go more

    20190623_094246.jpg 20190623_094313.jpg 20190623_094335.jpg 20190623_094434.jpg 20190623_094509.jpg
  3. Thank you gents.
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    Update on the J.R Torrey 210, USA 5/8th
    This is how it is now I'm calling it a day on this one, it has some slight pitting on the blade but I'm happy to leave some giving the age anyhow here it is

    15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg
  5. Dang, it looks good as is! Nice save Ian!

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    Thank you Matt!!!
    It sure has turned out nice to be honest better than I thought it would.......
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    Up next is my J.R. Torrey Co. Our136

    This is how came to me

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3..jpg

    This is it now

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    Now onto the next one on my hit list restoring my Gold Bug S.R Droescher Inc,

    This is how it arrived here with me.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    Scales are warped so it's going to get clear yellow with a white wedge,

    After polishing the blade, its now ready to have the tang put back to gold that's getting done tomorrow morning. Then I will make the new scales and be finished tomorrow night, but here is the blade sanded and polished to a high shine.

    20190706_204637.jpg 20190706_204700.jpg
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  9. Gday all,

    Been a long time!!! What’s on my work bench? Well left over projects of course.

    I have a fredr bohmann and sohne from 1930 that is getting new scales made [​IMG] in the process of staining. Believe me they will look better then that dodger photo. Picked this one up from Larry at whipped dog a few years ago.

    Next contestant is a no namer that I’m making some red translucent scales for. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have a Thiers Issard that was all done and then I dropped it and chipped the edge of the blade [​IMG] so hopefully I will be able to fix it or someone else can but the scales were done by hand.

    Then I have this mixed bunch that I want to sort out. A Thomas turner, a Dixie mfc or mfg honestly didn’t look too hard at it and some other bits and bobs [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So I’d say I’ll be a busy boy for a while.

    Oh by the way, Ian rocks. A master craftsman.
  10. So here is an update. I got the no namer all scaled up. Need to mushroom the pins a bit more and buff the whole thing down one last time but we are 95% there. [​IMG]
  11. Ice-Man

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    Love the colour of the red scales they seem to make any blade pop, but you have a nice choice of blades to restore mate.
    They all will look fantastic when finished...:punk::punk::punk::punk:
  12. Yeah. It’s a bit of a bug this restoring razors isn’t it? Once bitten there isn’t a cure....... oh well.
  13. Ice-Man

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    Oh yes a very big bug and a very deep hole lol, but I love being down here the plus side you get free beers......:001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2:
  14. Hahahahahaha

  15. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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