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I know we have some members that stay in contact with vendors and possibly vendors that visit the B&B. I have read on the B&B there is a new RR Mamba in the works. Seems like the Game Changer has run its coarse with nothing new on the horizon. So, what new/improved razors are on the horizon? Anyone know of anything new coming out from Timeless, Karve, Above The Tie, Wolfman, PAA, RR, etc.? What's the next "big thing"?
Well, Blackland just released their Vector which is a Feather AC razor, but they also just posted an image on their FB page which looks like it might be their slant head, which I was told would be released early next year. Past that, Colonial Razors are working on their first DE razor, with a v2 version of their General coming out "soon". Fatip and Yaqi both had slants in the works, but haven't heard anything since. Past that, I am all ears too.
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