What's in Your Superlather Today?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by StubbleTrouble, Jan 11, 2014.

    Lately I'm really enjoying loading TOBS Lavender Soap and TOBS Sensitive Cream. It smells fantastic and it creates a super-slick and protective layer. I ordered some new soaps and am curious to see what would mix well with them.

    What's your fancy?
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  1. What's NOT in my superlather, that's the question. Answer is, whatever I don't have. I like my lather to have everything including the kitchen sink. Frankenlather FTW!
  2. So you mix more than one cream in? That sounds interesting. I have Tabac and MWF on order, but I'm not sure how pleasing they would be to mix, at least scent wise.
  3. Soaps, creams, non-aerosol gel, maybe even a dab of Barbasol, whatever I've got. Most of it is more pedestrian than the expensive boutique stuff favored here on B&B. My budget (and, to a lesser extend, my interest) does not extend that far. I have Arko, VdH, Williams, Bigelow, KMF, Creamo, Everyman Jack (does not play well with others, nor is it any good with a brush, nor is it very good for shaving), maybe a couple others I don't remember, and the sort of stuff you can find in US supermarkets/drugstores. I do have a Shaving Yeti sampler coming in the mail, that will take me up a class. I'm in for some PIFs and eventually might buy some MWF, Stirling, Tabac, Speick, Musgo Real, etc.

    As for how I actually do it: I will face-load one soap, brush-load another, top off the brush with a little glycerin and something from a tube, bowl lather everything except what's on my face, then face lather everything together. It usually produces a decadent, foolproof lather. I've always found the mixing of ALL THE THINGS! fun in other contexts so it was natural for me to try it in shaving too.
  4. Intersting! I'm going to have to try some Arko and other sticks soon. I took a 6 month leave from soap when I started DE shaving and used only cream, but soap's solidly back in my home rotation as of late, hence my new venture.
  5. TOBS Lavender Soap / AOS Lemon Cream :thumbup:

    One for the books.

    Scent: Lemon and Lavender were very nice!

    Protection: Super slick and good cushion
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  6. I generally don't use a soap that does not perform the way I like. But if you are talking about a concoction to make a lesser soap perform in a pinch I do two things
    If it wont lather enough a tiny dab of Cremo and you will have a lather bomb.
    If it is not slick enough 2 drops of castor oil will have the razor sliding of your face.
    If you don't like the scent- wait 5 minutes or use your favorite aftershave
  7. I put this in the "What's Your Soap Today" thread before I saw this one. I've just been pretty ho hum, using Trumper's Eucris and C.O. Bigelow.
  8. I made a superlather of ARKO plus a sample of MAMA BEARS that was too strong on its own for my nose.
    What a lather! Totally out of control. A great combination of slickness and cushion and a very mild scent

    Does anyone know if a Glycerin soap like MB lather better with Tallows like ARKO? I've never gotten quite that
    big of a reaction simply from mixing two soaps before
  9. I hit the top of my Vintage Williams with a dab of ADP Collezione Barbiere cream; not because it needed it - just because I wanted to do it.
  10. TOBS Lavender Soap / TOBS Eaton College

    Another great scent and lather :biggrin1:
  11. valobra + a touch of bigelow and last pass was straight bigelow
    worked out quite well
  12. MWF / TOBS Eaton College :thumbup:
  13. Proraso red and Synergy cavendish. Great combo that leaves the face feeling great.
  14. Been using a combo all month of Old Spice lime cream mixed with KMF lavendar. The KMF really adds slickness that the Old Spice clearly lacks.
  15. Today I used MWF with KMF mint. Very nice slick lather all around, and the mint smell somewhat toned down the perfume of the Fat.
  16. A little bit of Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap, a bunch of Arko, and a moderate amount of C.O. Bigelow.
  17. Yesterday was MWF / AOS Essence of Lemon
  18. Stirling Spice and Erasmic cream.
  19. Williams and Kiss my face patchouli. Add to that a couple of artisan soaps that are nice but don't lather the best. most of the time I use one of the KMFs but Bigelow and proraso also get their turns.

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