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In the mean time, both my Opus 88 clear demonstrator (holding tons of ink but gushing through a 1.5 stub) and my Visconti HS (holding less ink but working with a EF nib) ran out of ink.
So now, I'm using:
- Lamy 2000, BB nib turned into a CI; Diamine oxblood
- Sheaffer Touchdown Sovereign Thin Model form 1950, nib adapted to 0,6mm stub; La Couronne du Comte Bleu Cuivré
Today, its my Leonardo Officina Momento Grande w/ 1.5mm Stub. I believe it is still inked w/ Aurora Black.


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This Esterbrook M2 with a 9668 nib and Pelikan 4001 blue ink. Also, a Pentel Kerry mechanical pencil, 0.7 mm 2B lead.

I hadn't used any of my Esterbrooks in quite a while, and this particular one in even longer. This model is from the late 1950s, and has a built in squeeze filler, quite different from their classic lever filled models. It's a good pen, but then, I have a lot of good pens. If the original company had stayed in business, perhaps this is the kind of pen they would be producing today, although they would likely have moved their factory to China. "You can't go home again". Anyway, I'm not tempted by the actual "modern Esterbrooks", produced by someone who simply acquired the rights to the Esterbrook name, and with no other connection to the classic American pen.

Hmm, I digressed into a bit of a rant there.:001_unsur Anyway, here's a picture.



Cheaper than ink
Pelikan 400, early model OF oblique fine 14k gold nib, Montblanc blue ink

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