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What's in your pocket today?

Kaweco Sport black with med. nib inked with Parker Quink Black; Pilot Fermo dark green with med. nib inked with Waterman Serenity Blue.
Will soon be my Pilot Metropolitan with the Monteverde horizon blue ink. Getting ready to read, and I've been using the Metro to underline notable sentences.


Cheaper than ink
Aurora Ipsilon, Waterman black ink



Remember to forget me!
I finished off what was left of the Diamine Burnt Sienna in my Parker Slimfold, so I could wash that out and put it away. That leaves me back at my sweet spot of three inked pens. Two with cartridges (one blue/purple/green, and one red/brown), and one with bottled ink.

Helix Oxford - Diamine Midnight
Sheaffer VFM - Diamine Antique Copper
Wing Sung 3008 - Diamine Sherwood Green

None were actually in the pocket, but all to hand and being used. :thumbup1:
Yellow Kaweco Student M stainles steel nib and Black ink from .... I don't remember
Momento Zero normal Coral Red M stainles steel nib with Diamine Ancient Copper
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