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What's in your pocket today?

This is a fountain pen I've had for quite a while in my "get it working someday box". It's an ordinary aerometric Parker 51 which was quite badly clogged with something. Flushing with water and a normal pen cleaner hadn't cleared it, and as I had a couple of other functional 51s, and it's not really my favorite model of pen anyway, I had just never gotten around to this one.

But a few days ago, I though of it again, and before risking disassembly, decided to try a really thorough soak with Rapido-Eze. That did it. It's been working well for four days now, using Namiki Blue ink. I smoothed the nib slightly while I was at it, and it writes quite nicely, although it's still not my favorite model, or even my favorite Parker.

Shown here with a Parker mechanical pencil, twist action, 0.9 mm, and one of my Fisher Space Pens. Just noticed that I have the flag upside down in the photo. In the Navy, that would be a sign of distress, but here it just indicates absentmindedness.

Another boring day.
Bic Cristal (that's how they spelled it) in blue and a black twin tip Sharpie.

Notepad was a Pen Gear spiral-bound memo pad, college ruled, 80 sheets, black cover. Pack of three for 89 cents at Walmart.
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Cheaper than ink
Old '50s Pelikan 400 with a newer stainless medium nib + Chesterfield blue ink


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