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What's in your pocket today?

My pens are more on the utilitarian side. I don't spend too much and can be rough on them. I use these three everyday with a 30 year old leather journal.

Lamy AL Star with Diamine's Aurora Borealis
Muji with Papier Plume's Red Beans & Rice
Kaweco Brass Sport with a mix of Noodler's 54th Massachusetts and Diamine's Deep Dark Purple

20210420_082452-01.jpeg 20210420_082452-01.jpeg
The Opus 88 clear demonstrator is finally running out of Noodler's Apache Sunset. The Monte Grappa Espressione ran out of Iroshizuku Ku-jaku yesterday. So today, I'll have some cleaning to do. In the meantime, I filled my Sheaffer PFM V (factory stub) with Diamine Ochre.

(In the meantime, the Kaweco BRASS Sport, EF, gets continuous refills of my own blend of deAtramentis document inks, creating a waterproof version of Sailor Yamadori)
Among other pens, I used my highest quality Chinese brand, this Haolilai 801F. It's close to some of my Pilots in quality, but the nib is just a bit broader than I normally care for. Then again, I'm using a redder ink than I normally care for, De Atramentis Fuchsia Document Ink.

The nib is 14k, but it's noticeable that the number that goes with that is 580 instead of the normal 585; I believe this reflects a more forgiving standard for what constitutes 14k. The cap is a snap on, but quite tight, enough to make me nervous when I try to pull it off. I find myself thinking that I must have misremembered and it is a screw type after all.

Since I'm not going anywhere today, it's not in my pocket, but on my desktop.

Sheaffer Imperial 797, 14K gold plated, medium 14K nib. Filled with Pelikan Brilliant-Black ink. Smooth as my face after a BBS shave!

A roller ball I dressed in diamondback rattle snake skin, shaped and put together for my brother about ten years ago. It came back to me 11 months after his death in 2020

and two of his lami Safari roller balls.
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