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What's in your pocket today?


Currently inked up:
Visconti Homo Sapiens - Lamy Benitoite
Kaweco Sport AL - OS Walden Ponds
TWSBI Diamond 580 AL - a mix of two purple ink samples
Platinum Plaisir - Robert Oster Jade
Nemosine Singularity - Diamine Poppy Red
Monteverde Prima - Iroshizuku Shin-ryoku

The day may not be quite melancholy, but it is raining. When I go out in a bit, my pocket will probably hold one of these two pens, a Pilot Murex with De Atramentis Document Blue ink, or the Sheaffer 3-25 Flat Top with Pilot Blue-Black. Also, not pictured, a Pentel Sharp Kerry mechanical pencil. And in case I need actually to write in the rain, a Fisher bullet style Space Pen in a pants pocket.PilSheaff.jpg
Always in my backpack. Waterman 12 1/2 V.S. BABY in mottled red and black hard rubber from 1911-1917 filled with green iron gall ink. Over a hundred years and going. It was made for the French market with 18kt gold rings and 18kt gold nib, because 18kt was the minimum for gold in France at that time.

A Baoer Skywalker.

This is a week old, I didnt like the original nib, too hard, too fine, I replaced it with a #5 from my nib box which is just marked IPG, just a little wider than stock.

My only complaint is that there is a bit of a step down between the barrel and the section, but I like its looks, just a pity its not the MB Starwalker



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Newer Montblanc 144 fine point, cartridge refilled with vintage Quink blue-black