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What's in your pocket today?

English Parker 45 filled with Akkerman #8 and Pelikan M 1000 filled with Pelikan 4001 purple.

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Jinhao 750 with jinhao red cartridge. Baoer 388 with waterman serenity blue
Jinhao 250 jinhao black cartridge
Wing sung 3008 with noodlers black and one with Diamine violet

The jinhao 250 does not write well at all. The wingsung with noodlers black flooded the cap

Rough pen day

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Yard-O-Led Grand Barley w/Michael Masuyama stubbed M nib
Waterman Carene Amber Shimmer w/Dan Smith stubbed M nib
Edison Pen Co. 2016 LE Stealth Glenmont w/F nib

I tend to go with the same pens for a few weeks or sometimes months; habit I suppose. Then again, maybe I'm just lazy about cleaning them and so keep filling and using?
Jinhao 750 with jinhao red cartridge and one with wayernan serenity blue

Baoer 388 with generic blue cartridge

More I use the baoer the more I like it and my 2 surviving 750s. I bent the nib on a third and destroyed the feed Have spares coming on the slow boat coming.

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Today is my Cordova brown 1st qtr 1948 Parker 51 Demi Vacumatic. (Ef/F) with Diamine Blue Black and a Pelikan M200 Cognac F with Iroshizuku Kon Peki

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