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What's in your pocket today?


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Kaweco Sport - 1.1 w/Quink blue-black ....... I had hope to be fully finished with my Quink before 2018 started, but alas...
Thought I would change it up.
Parker 51 Special/Waterman Serenity Blue
Platinum 3776 Century Bourgogne B/Diamine Merlot

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Just received my Pelikan from Mike Masuyama. It would skip on a regular basis, straight from the factory and had some flow issues as well. I’m excited to use this for the week.

Two vintage pens. Top, Waterman's Ideal 3V with Akkerman #5 shocking blue ink. This pen must be close to empty. On the left, Mabie Todd Swan 3150 with Namiki Blue ink. The Waterman is prettier, but the Mabie Todd is a nicer writer.

Manuscript "Beginners" Calligraphy Pen with 0.85 mm italic nib/ Quink Blue-Black
(while my regular Borghini is drying out after a rinse)
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