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What's in your pocket today?

Pilot VP filled with Ackerman #0

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Claudel Xerxes

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A Hero 7022 with Noodler's Navajo Turquoise that I forgot had ink in it from about seven or eight months ago! It still works fine though.


Cheaper than ink
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Doug, I thought at first that this is the nib you loaned me, but it is a little different. Here is a picture of that nib.
View attachment 787664
Yeah, that nib you tried was cut into a straight stub, very cool nib. It's a semi-flexible mid-'80s M250/400 solid gold slice of heaven. I remember there was something odd about that nib I didn't like so I sent it out to Letta at Pendemonium -- usually I really like Pelikan's OB cut but not that particular one.
Everyone should have a Lamy Vista in their collection. They don't cost much and really are a quality pen. I have a 1.1 stub on this pen.
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