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What's in your pocket today?


Cheaper than ink
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I wrote a little with my Pelikan 600 flexible fine (Mottishawed), but it takes time, you cannot write fast with it. Eventually changed to my other Mottishawed 600, the triple broad italic.
Extreme! From a noodle to a firehose ... sounds like fun.


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Set for tomorrow... Pel 800, Retro 51, Sailor 1911, and..........of course the "51" flighter
I always carry my only two fountain pens to work. I have a 1998 Parker Frontier GT (stainless with gold trim) inked with Noodler's X-Feather -- I use this for all the forms I fill out at work (lots of them). I also have a 1995 Sheaffer Triumph Imperial (dark green with chrome trim) inked with Noodler's Bad Blue Heron, which I use for personal correspondence, journaling, etc.

The Parker/X-Feather combo is perfect for work, although I will eventually replace it with a Lamy 2000 or Edison Hudson. The all-metal body and cap hold up well, but the nib is a bit scratchy and sometimes has feed issues (with X-Feather and Parker Quink cartridges).

The Sheaffer is by far the better writer, and I love Blue Heron. I never have feed issues with this combo, and it puts down a nice, thick line. However, the pen is a bit small for my hand, so I hope to eventually replace it with an Edison Collier Silver Marble.

Being somewhat literal minded, and since I have this notebook cover with space for four pens, I put four pens in it to take to work. Sheaffer School Pen, Pilot FP 78G, Pilot Petit 1, and a Parker Jotter ballpoint. Oh, and the Fisher Space Pen that always goes in a pants pocket.

All inexpensive but reliable.

being somewhat literal minded, and since i have this notebook cover with space for four pens, i put four pens in it to take to work. Sheaffer school pen, pilot fp 78g, pilot petit 1, and a parker jotter ballpoint. Oh, and the fisher space pen that always goes in a pants pocket.

All inexpensive but reliable.
you certainly are well prepared for future contingencies. Some nice lookers in the group as well.

The Nid Hog

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It's a Lamy day for me today. I have my 2000 inked with PR American Blue and my Accent with Noodler's Kung Te-Cheng.


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Monteverde Invicta Black Tie with Rohrer & Klinger Konigsblau, and a Levenger Truewriter same as yesterday.


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Laid out for tomorrow, Berwyck syringe filler,Diamond Point, Retro 51, and ............................................of course the flighter "51"
Another day of classes, another day with the TWSBI 540. Using my B&B/Edison Glenmont in the safety and relative comfort of my dorm room this evening.
My every-day pen is a Thunderbird Blue Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion Ink Ball, currently inked with Noodler's Ottoman Azure, but the next fill will be with Noodler's Blue. It's a great pen that has given me no problems in three months of use.

I also have a few Pilot 78G's in the rotation (2 medium, 1 broad), and a Lamy Safari.


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Going today with a Lamy Safari M Nib with Parker Quink Blue-Black, and a Platinum Plaisir F Nib with iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku (green)