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What's in your pocket today?


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Laid out for tomorrow..."51" Demi, Wearever Button filler, Pick, and of course ................................"51" flighter
Well, I carried my usual TWSBI 530 around today. It's my leather jacket pocket pen. Got a Kaweco Classic demonstrator for the wife with some of the Pelikan violet ink carts she picked out. LIttle smoothing of the B nib and it writes very nicely. She will be carrying it in her purse- perfect because it can stand clipped nib up and still allow her to close her purse.


My Gui Guan #10 broad nib. It may just be a Chinese pen, but I love the smooth, broad nib, and incredible weight (think it is made out of brass). It puts down a lot of ink, so college rule paper is out of the question :biggrin:
Had my Waterman Harley-Davidson branded pen with me. It's not my best writer, but it does write nice, and it was a gift from my fiance, so it has become my daily 'shirt pen'. Loaded with Noodlers Dark Matter, which is currently all I have for my several pens. Need to pick up a few more inks soon. I have my eye on the two B&B inks for one...


78g B with Bad-Belted Kingfisher, a black Sharpie, a Uniball vision micro, and a WASP (no clue on model...) with BBB.

Some of my log books at work don't like fountain pens but they are also hung on the wall and can't be taken down... hence the uniball.

Later today will just be the WASP and maybe a Noodler's Flex pen but I doubt it.

The Nid Hog

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Today, my old black Waterman Phileas with Sailor Kiwaguro. Also, a Platinum Plaisir with Iroshizuku Momiji--doing some grading.


Cheaper than ink
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Just a Pelikan M200 today, steel M nib, and loaded with Sailor Jentle Blue which is actually a blue-black but I'm not complaining.


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Laid out for tomorrow. Pel 800, Retro 51 Stainless, Wearever Button filler and.... Of course "51" flighter


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Sorry about the lack of pictures! Today is a Waterman Phileas F with BBB ink and a Leenger TrueWriter with R&K Leipziger Schwarz ink from the latest Ink Drop.
Off work today, so pockets are empty!

Saturday and Sunday I was carrying a Kaweco Ice Sport, loaded with Noodler's Black. Perfect pen for stuffing in your jeans pocket and writes right!
Orange Waterman Kultur, with B&B 5 O'Clock Shadow, clipped to the placket of my polo shirt.

I guess that means nothing in my pocket.
I wrote a little with my Pelikan 600 flexible fine (Mottishawed), but it takes time, you cannot write fast with it. Eventually changed to my other Mottishawed 600, the triple broad italic.