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Whats in your mug? ~ January 2009.

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Mmmmmm. Mokha-Java w/ extra cheese!! :drool:

Now, about that Charbucks mug ... . :001_huh:


The "pizza box" was actually for a large stromboli, with mozzarella, ricotta, Italian sausage, spinach, and extra garlic.

As for the mug... hey! ya gotta give credit where it was once due. Anyway, at this point I've got enough coffee mugs, ya know?
Yonatan -

Here's some tea to help wash all that down:
(Springside Estate 2nd flush Darjeeling)


And for you leaf junkies:

Assam Gold Tips TGFOP in my cup this morning, from http://totalitea.com/offer.html

I'm going to the Farmer's market today, where they have a a "booth" in addition to their shop downtown... anyway, I'm going to be picking up a 1kg bag of this tea I'm drinking, which is my daily cuppa, and proabably a couple of smaller bags of some other teas.

Then, some Elk breakfast sausages and Elk meat Hunter's Pie... then to the Bison people for some Bison steaks, ground, Chorizo, a roast or two... might even pick up a few croissant or petit pain au chocolate from the Belgian pâtisserie today! Should be a trip that'll provide me with much tastiness! Oh, and wife wants to stock up on bagels from the bagel making family.

Union hand roasted blend at work. a 5oz cappa, a latte and then at central bean a union hand roasted cappa again.
French-pressed gaia this a.m.
Keurig industrial nastiness later in the day.
An unrefined but wholly safisfying Yunnan Gold now before I'm off to pick up expat the younger.

And, lastly, some cold Charbucks out of the auto-drip nuked with milk.
[It's late, I'm tired, I'm cranky & it was there.]
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