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Whats in your mug?~ December, 2008


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Kenya Gethumbwini, roasted two nights ago, brewed in the TVorm. That is one acidic, tart coffee. I nailed the roast this time. Lots of tart citrus at first, very winey, raisins, grapes, lime. If you like acidic coffees, this one is hard to beat. The first sipe almost knocked a couple teeth loose.
NB: Great photo, Richard! You've raised the bar for the rest of us.
Jon - Very kind ... but I think Jim and Hobbes set the standard (Jim here & Hobbes on his blog).
While I do like the backlit condensation in the press, I look at the photo & think,
"I really should clean up the kitchen counter."

For my part, I aspire only to making & drinking good beverages (and, where possible & appropriate, in a collection of mugs as esoteric as yours).

Well, that & being a decent husband & father.
This afternoon, some Moka Harar-based mocha to warm up after tobogganing.

Now, some Springside 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] flush Darjeeling to wash down this evening's turkey burger dinner.
Moka Harar this a.m.

China Green Spring Blossom Pekoe (Specialteas #538) now.
The dregs of the quarter pound bag. Old, stale and broken, yet I enjoy it still.
(Hopefully, SWMBO will say something like that about me a couple of decades hence --
'cept maybe the broken part.)

[edit - And some Bai Hao Oolong to close the workday.]
I love coming in here, everybody takes great pics :001_smile

I still don't have a roaster so I get boring coffee, This morning I had Seattle's Best Henry blend french pressed, it was yummy.


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New crop Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley, in Technivorm. Great as always, but perhaps not as much clarity in the cup as previous years.